"Art and Soul-Water Color Painting from the Inside Out"

Saturday, July 22, 2017 - 9:30am - 12:30pm

A 4-Week Workshop with Sylvia Miller, LSP. Saturdays: July 15, July 22, July 29, and August 5.
Investment: $115
Please register by signing up at the registration desk in Fellowship Hall.

In this workshop, Sylvia will create a safe environment to learn about the spontaneous use of watercolor. The participants will learn to control the medium and enjoy the excitement of letting go to enjoy the process….to see through barriers and self-imposed limitations that say “I am not an artist”.

Sylvia will teach basic skills and an understanding that creative process begins from within. She will help each participant grow to digest their potential, guiding them to find their own personal style that has been gifted by Spirit.

Each session will begin with meditation to build confidence, set intentions, inspire creativity and to push limiting beliefs. Students will keep a journal describing their frustrations, joys and growth of the creative process. Each session ends with sharing and a benediction.


Sylvia Miller, LSP

Photo of Sylvia Miller, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Sylvia is deeply, and profoundly grateful for being blessed by the community here at NTCSL. She transferred here from the Grants Pass CSL as a second year Practitioner student and quickly became part of the Sangha sisters. As a lifelong learner, she started taking Science of Mind classes ten years ago and quickly followed her calling to become a Practitioner. As she celebrates the glorious gifts of life which God has so generously given to her, she is able to be of loving service to this spiritual community in many capacities. She is an accomplished artist, an experienced teacher, and a Professional Licensed Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living. She has a BA in art and biological science and holds standard lifelong teaching credentials. Currently, she teaches artistic spiritual journaling classes, offers affirmative prayer treatments and is part of the pastoral care team. She is sincerely grateful to be of service.


I love my spiritual home!

– Diane S.

Thanks to NTCSL I have access to all of the spiritual tools I need to live my very best life!

– Marcia L.

It is a joy to be within a community of passion and revelation.

– David W.

My heart overflows with gratitude, love, and joy as I remember the countless magical moments I have shared with my spiritual family.

– Chuck W.
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