Energy Healing Circle

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Location: NTCSL Learning Center

Offering opportunities to reveal wholeness by applying and embodying New Thought principles through discussion and energy focused healing practices.

Everyone is welcome! In this Energy Healing Circle, we create a beautiful synchronized field of energy that holds only the highest and best for you. We hold sacred, safe space for seeing you in divine light and seeing you perfect and whole. Everyone is a healer, bringing their own unique beneficial piece of the whole. Your intention is amplified exponentially in this powerful group dynamic for your personal transformation, creating more love, health and abundance in all areas of your life. Drop ins are welcome. Bring a friend!


Rose Wood

Photo of Rose Wood
Certified Energy Healer

Rose Wood is a certified energy healer. Her tools and specialized services include EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique), Ho’oponopono, Rapid Trauma Relief Coaching, and Holographic Energy Healing Techniques. Her joy and passion is to facilitate transformation to help support anyone on their life journey. She connects with Source, higher consciousness, and divine love to access energies to assist people with any physical, mental or emotional needs, empowering them in creating their ideal life.

rose@rosewoodblessings. com


I am a devoted servant of God and celebrate with all in this Beloved Community our committment to practicing inclusivity -- All are welcome here

– Loretta R.

I have finally found my spiritual home!

– Jody D.

I embody the principles of New Thought in my everyday life and it makes such a positive difference in all that I do and all that I touch -- in my counseling practice and in my spiritual practitioner practice.

– Dave K.

The music ministry here rocks!

– Jami L
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