Feel At Home Again

Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 7:15pm - 8:15pm

Location: NTCSL Library

A weekly support group for anyone who is new to the area and/or experiencing transition.

Are you struggling through a major change in your life? Has your self-identity been uprooted in the process? Do you feel alienated, like you don't belong? You're not alone! This group provides social support to help you feel at home again within yourself and in your new environment. Meetings will be weekly and structured around themes such as loss, transition, mindfulness, safety, esteem, and love and belonging. 


Kiran Prasad

Photo of Kiran Prasad

Kiran Prasad is the author of A Mindful Move: Feel at Home Again. She has relocated twenty-nine times at various stages of her life, including as an accompanying spouse with two young children and a dog in tow. Her moves have taken her around the world and across the U.S. She is a teacher by profession with a master’s degree in teaching reading and language arts, and she is passionate about helping others. Currently, Kiran lives in Portland and has been trying to put down roots in the rich Oregon soil.


I am so grateful for this beloved community. We are so blessed!

– Phil M.

My church is awesome!

– Louis D.

I love my spiritual home!

– Diane S.

I am a devoted servant of God and celebrate with all in this Beloved Community our committment to practicing inclusivity -- All are welcome here

– Loretta R.
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