Sacred Healing Service

Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Location: NTCSL Fireside Room

A safe and loving space to do your own healing around whatever is blocking your good, allowing an opening into greater abundance, happiness, prosperity, peace, and connection with Spirit, self, and others.


J. Alison Hilber, LSP

Photo of J. Alison Hilber, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Alison became a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner at NTCSL in 2011 and has a BA in Transpersonal Psychology. She serves her Beloved spiritual community in myriad ways, including teaching and facilitating about spiritual principle.

Alison has written two books about self-love and body acceptance: "I Am Who I Am: Sacredly Accepting my Body Temple," and "Change How You See, Not How You Look: Power Tools for Celebrating Your Body." One of Alison’s greatest joys is her thriving spiritual guidance practice, assisting clients in remembering the Truth of their magnificence.​


The music ministry here rocks!

– Jami L

This community is where I come to celebrate Divine Source within me and looking back at me through everyone I meet.

– Pamela P.

It is a joy to be within a community of passion and revelation.

– David W.

It's important to me that our community both "reaches in" and "reaches out"--deepening our direct spiritual experience of Oneness so that connection with and service to the wider world come easily

– Holly W.
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