Science of Mind Principles & Race: A New Perspective

Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 12:00pm - 5:00pm

A 4-Week Workshop on Saturdays, March 10 through March 31, facilitated by Dr. Kathleen Perkins, Rev. Larry King, and Mrs. Barbara O'Hare.

This interactive workshop provides an analysis of the systems that keep racism in place, and how practicing Science of Mind Principles can change our collective race consciousness.
We will examine why people are poor, how institutions and organizations perpetuate the imbalance of power, and who benefits from the maintenance of the status quo. As we strive to understand what racism is, (moving beyond a focus of the symptoms), participants will: Analyze power. Recognize the internalized manifestations of racial oppression evidenced as both Internalized Racial Inferiority and Internalized Racial Superiority.-Define racism.-Learn from history.-Share cultures.-Organizing for change.-Explore how New Thought Principles can be used to advocate for change.
The goal is for participants to understand the manifestations of racism – Racism operates in more than just individual and institutional settings. We will examine the dynamics of cultural racism, linguistic racism, and militarism as applied to racism.
Investment: $180
Please sign up at the registration desk in Fellowship Hall or register online at:


Kathleen P. Perkins, PhD

Photo of Kathleen P. Perkins, PhD
Workshop Facilitator

An award-winning author, therapist, teacher and, spiritual seeker. Kathleen has published three books, her most recent: Flight Instructions: A Journey Through Guilt to Forgiveness. She taught at three universities for a span of two and half decades and was a therapist for as many years. She holds a Master and a PhD in Social Work. Kathleen has facilitated numerous workshops during her tenure in academe. She is happy to be offering this writing workshop on healing: “The Write Remedy.”

Rev. Larry King

Photo of Rev. Larry King
Senior Minister, Portland Center for Spiritual Living

Rev. Larry King has been the senior minister at the Portland Center for Spiritual Living in Northeast Portland since 2008. He is a third-generation Oregonian, with an MBA from the University of Oregon and an MCS from Holmes Institute. His hobbies include ballroom dancing, novel writing and science fiction in all forms. You can follow his weekly spiritual podcasts at

Mrs. Barbara O'Hare

Photo of Mrs. Barbara O'Hare
Workshop Facilitator

Barbara O'Hare has facilitated race dialogues and diversity workshops for over 15 years in school districts in greater Portland; Multnomah County Sheriffs; City of Portland; and, Portland Police Department. While at United Airlines she was the Student Career Awareness Day Coordinator for the Urban League of Portland.


Since joining this spiritual community four years ago, I no longer think of myself as a chronically ill person. I am well in mind, body, and spirit.

– Wendy T.

I love this community

– Sue B.

NTCSL - a community learning together what it takes to have a more fulfilling life.

– Ray J.

My church is awesome!

– Louis D.
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