A Spiritual Cinema: "She Sings to the Stars"

Friday, June 23, 2017 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Location: NTCSL Fireside Room

The Peace and Environmental Team invite you to view this unique & mesmerizing Spiritual Cinema, in the Fireside Room. Love Offering.

The endless desert. A Native American grandmother lives alone tending her corn. Her half-Mexican grandson and a white, aging magician are stranded. No water. A river of stars. Everything changes: anything is possible.

She Sings to the Stars, questions what do we believe is ‘real’ and what is possible'? What is sustaining and sustainable? How do we live with each other on the only planet we have? The grandmother in the story says little, but listens and sings to the generosity and grace of place, in relationship to all of it.

She Sings to the Stars subtly touches on historical trauma and environmental crisis while affirming, with tenderness and simplicity, the profound truths and power of Native American spirituality.

The film depicts the convergence during a drought in the desert Southwest of a Native American grandmother, her half-Hispanic grandson, and an aging white magician. It is the grandmother who ensures the film’s calm, unhurried air, perhaps because she views time as endless and recurrent, takes her forebears’ wisdom to heart, and transmits their melodies of prayer, lullaby and incantation to the lush yet arid night. For more information visit the official movie website: shesingstothestars.com.


Mike Unger

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Co-Chair Peace & Environmental Team
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I have lived in the greater Portland area all of my life except for the time that I was in California getting my Masters in Engineering from Stanford. I come from a large family of eight children. My parents owned and operated farm located south of Hillsboro. It was a family operation and I enjoyed working with my parents and brothers and sisters.

Soon after graduating with my engineering degree, I met and fell in love with Cheri, now Rev. Cheri. We have three children—Joe, Rachel and Karen. Joe lives in Seattle, has his doctorate and works in cancer research for the Fred Hudson Cancer Research Association. Rachel works at the Multnomah County Court House in Portland as a lawyer. Karen works for the US State Department and is currently stationed in Kenya. We have three grandchildren– James, Alex and Kelly whom we see often.

I have spent my career as an electrical engineer working for consulting engineering firms. Cheri and I owned Power System Engineers, Inc. an engineering firm for 10 years and worked together providing services to utilities in the NW. We sold our firm to Elcon Associates nine years ago where I continue to work. I plan to work as a part time employee at the end of 2014.

I am very concerned about climate change and the effect that this could have on our children and grandchildren. For this reason, I chair the Environmental Team at NTCSL and have been instrumental in forming and managing Engineers for a Sustainable Future.

My religions background is Catholic. It was difficult for me as I take my spiritual life seriously but the Catholic Church was just not doing it for me so I left the church. Cheri and I eventually found our way to New Thought joining Unity of Portland and Unity of Beaverton, the Living Enrichment Center and then NTCSL.

I studied the CSL Practitioner courses through LEC and have taken several courses through NTCSL. I am a founding member of the choir and thoroughly enjoy singing and fellowship that the choir offers. I was on the NTCSL Board in 2005 and 2006 and was treasurer for one year. I am interested in doing all that I can to insure the financial health of our church.

Lynne Taylor

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Co-Chair-Peace & Environmental Team
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Lynne has been active in New Thought CSL's Peace Now since it's inception nine years ago. She has participated in many activities to create connection and understanding through Peace Now. This included participating as an NTCSL representative in the Interfaith Action Network, visitations to Bilal Mosque, and The Search for Peace Art, both as a contributing artist and juror. She proposed and helped create a Peace Art show at the Kingstad Gallery, coordinating it with the Interfaith Walk. With other members of Peace Now, she helped establish a connection with the Bahi`a community that has lasted many years, and created joint services celebrated at NTCSL. As a member of the NTCSL choir, she helped create opportunities for the choir to sing in local interfaith services. After working on events to help raise awareness of the Parliament of World Religions in the Portland area, she received a scholarship to attend the event in 2009 in Australia, supported by a Peace Now fund-raising event to help with her airfare. She has assembled artists from the NTCSL community to have art shows honoring the AGNT Seasons of Non-violence, the Earth, and Intercultural-Interfaith. Recently she has been involved in several Season of Non-violence NTCSL services, and created two Interfaith services: a meditative service, and a building peace service. She now is the coordinator of NTCSL's Peace Now, and an active member of the Interfaith Council of Greater Portland.


Thanks for creating my spiritual home.

– Molly K.

This community is where I come to celebrate Divine Source within me and looking back at me through everyone I meet.

– Pamela P.

I love my spiritual home!

– Diane S.

My heart overflows with gratitude, love, and joy as I remember the countless magical moments I have shared with my spiritual family.

– Chuck W.
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