Spring Classes Registration Begins

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Registration begins in the Education Ministry Office for both spring classes.

Class 1: Principles of Financial Freedom 
# of Weeks:  8 
Dates: Tuesdays - 04/10/18 - 05/29/18  Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm 
Teacher: Rev Christine Green and Practitioner Shelly Walker 
Books required: Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth

Class 2: Power of Your Word 
# of Weeks:  8 
Dates:  Tuesdays - 04/10/18 - 05/29/18  Time: 6:00 – 9:00pm 
Teacher: Practitioner Dana Montgomery 
Books required: How to Use Science of Mind - EH & Can We Talk to God - EH


Jeannine Massey, MA, LSP

Photo of Jeannine Massey, MA, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Director of Education Ministry
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Jeannine Massey has been on her spiritual path, consciously, since she was in her teen years. A defining moment was when she started asking a priest questions during class and was told, "Don't ask questions, believe what is written." She sensed at that moment that she had an inner knowing and that she would have to find the answers herself. Thus began her journey. When she lived in Tucson, Arizona and her three daughters were young, she taught religious education, was a parish council board member, and eventually a church staff member responsible for a 500 student elementary religious education program. Upon moving to Oregon she sought the spiritual nourishment she had come to value. In 1987 she discovered a New Thought Center and became an active member and subsequently a Practitioner. She's been active in this spiritual community in many ways - always learning, growing, and encouraging others to do the same. Jeannine brings to her practitioner practice a grounded knowing that truly, all is well. Jeannine demonstrates spiritual practice in her every day life and is eager to share those principles with her spiritual community.
Jeannine's professional journey has focused on assisting individuals and organizations achieve results. She's worked in private, public, and non-profit organizations with a focus on facilitation, training, project management, conflict resolution, and coaching. She has an undergraduate degree from Marylurst University in Business Administration and Communications. Her graduate degree is from Antioch University in Whole Systems Design, with a certification in Organizational Systems Renewal (change management). Jeannine also has certifications in MBTI, Wilson's Learning Styles, Situational Leadership, and is a certified coach and licensed seminar leader with Maria Nemeth's Academy for Coaching Excellence.
Jeannine is a demonstration in the professional world of how showing up as spiritual principle can be rewarding and fun.


I have finally found my spiritual home!

– Jody D.

It is a joy to be within a community of passion and revelation.

– David W.

My spiritual journey has been enhanced beyond measure by NTCSL. Every aspect of my life has expanded and been enhanced during these last few years. I welcome everyone to our community.

– Linda C.

I am a devoted servant of God and celebrate with all in this Beloved Community our committment to practicing inclusivity -- All are welcome here

– Loretta R.
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