Our service on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A New Order of Healing:
"Healing Through Pain" at 7:00 pm

Pain is a natural signal, a beacon from our body telling us something is amiss. What lies underneath our pain is fodder for healing. Settling into and allowing our pain expression helps us to unravel it and begin the true healing process. Through our connection with our discomfort we begin the process of transformation.


Mandy Cregan

Photo of Mandy Cregan
Guest Speaker
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Mandy is an energetic healer as well as the owner of Body Mechanics Pilates and Bodywork in Portland, OR. Body Mechanics is a Pilates Studio and Wellness Center that offers sanctuary for people to allow the unfolding of their own transformation to take place. She began developing her Energy work after becoming certified in Pilates. It is deeply healing and is continuously evolving as a co-creative process with each person with whom she works. Her work gets to the root of whatever trauma is residing in your body, whether it be physical, emotional, or karmic and helps you move through the process of acknowledging and healing those patterns that reside within your physical, emotional and energetic bodies. In addition to personal Energy sessions Mandy does energetic space clearings of both homes and businesses. She also works with vibrational flower essences. She creates personalized essences to help support and ease people through stress and transition.


Blaine Moody

Photo of Blaine Moody

A native Oregonian, singer and song writer, Blaine has been making music in the northwest for the past thirty five years with such notables as “Seafood Mama” and “Quarterflash.”

Now, as a “Balladeer for Spirit,” Blaine is available to churches and individuals for services, concerts, weddings and funerals. As a trained Life Coach, Blaine looks for and writes songs that tell the truth about who we are, and who we can be. Songs like "Everything is Holy Now" and "Dancing with The Spirit" are popular at many local churches

Shelley Mathewson

Photo of Shelley Mathewson

Shelley Mathewson is an active freelance performer and teacher in the Portland area, performing with the Portland Opera, Delphinium String Quartet, and Madrona Viola Duo. Shelley received her Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and played with the Omaha Symphony prior to moving here in 1987.

Gary Skye

Photo of Gary Skye
Wednesday Night Music Director
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Gary Skye has studied piano at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Eastman School of Music, Stanford University, University of Southern California, and most recently, Portland State University where he earned his master’s degree in piano performance. Gary’s work as a church musician began at Santa Rosa Center for Spiritual Living where he also attended as a child. He’s served as a pianist, organist, and vocalist in various churches including San Jose CSL and Whole Life CSL. Gary has worked as a staff accompanist and vocal coach for many organizations and academic institutions, including Sonoma State University, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. In addition to his service through the music ministry at New Thought CSL, Gary maintains an active teaching studio of piano and vocal students and is a prolific composer of spiritual songs and chants.


Enjoying my spiritual community.

– Ellena F.

My church is awesome!

– Louis D.

My heart overflows with gratitude, love, and joy as I remember the countless magical moments I have shared with my spiritual family.

– Chuck W.

Every event leaves me feeling joyful.

– Allison H.
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