Our service on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"The Law of Joy" at 7:00 pm

We missed sharing time together in December, yet the ideas for the Law of Joy still apply each and every day. Let’s come together on Feb. 22nd to look more closely at JOY - our relationship to it, with it, and as it. I look forward to being with all of you then! Hugs, Rev. Barb


Rev. Barbara Wuest

Photo of Rev. Barbara Wuest
Guest Minister
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Rev. Barbara Wuest graduated from Western Oregon University in 1982 with a teaching degree in Mathematics & Physical Education, along with a minor in Psychology. After working as a teacher for 3 years, she changed focus to work in a computer company in Beaverton.

1989 was the “new beginning” for Barbara. Her father had just died, she was going through a divorce becoming a single parent of a 4-year old, and then an amazing God moment occurred! “It is amazing how there was a door open for me, that I never saw until I decided to begin walking again on this Spiritual path.” Walking through this door, Barbara began taking numerous classes at her Spiritual church, becoming more and more comfortable with New Thought and how perfectly it fit into her life.

After two years of classes, Barbara went to a new spiritual community to be in leadership on the board, and then created/gave Sunday sermons during the ministers’ vacations. Naturally this led Barbara into the desire to further her studies and in 2000/2001 she became a licensed and ordained minister.

Rev. Barb began volunteering at NTCSL in 2010 and was then hired as the assistant minister by the end of that year. In addition to her work at NTCSL, Rev. Barb is fortunate to have the opportunity to speak in a variety of churches in Oregon, mainly on the coast. “I love meeting people from many different denominations and sharing our stories of spiritual growth! I am truly blessed.”

In June 2016, Rev. Barb begin a new chapter in her life. She will be spreading hugs and joy everywhere she goes now!

“Joy is the way it is! I love to have fun, laugh and share the many things I have learned from my life experience AND I enjoy hearing about how others have come to their own spiritual awareness in their lives.

Come into my life and live JOY! Let’s laugh, cry and BE together. That’s what I truly want!”


Laura Berman

Photo of Laura Berman

Laura is a Portland-based singer/songwriter and has toured extensively in both the New Thought and Jewish communities, sharing her song and spirit at conferences, services and events. Stepping into her vision of deepening her own experience of Jewish spirituality, Laura continues to be student of Hebrew, Jewish ritual, prayer and tradition. She has helped to create a bridge between New Thought and Judaism by leading Passover Seders and Sabbath services, offering workshops, teachings and writing sacred Jewish music. She is passionate about deepening our personal connection to God through music as well as bridging gaps between Judaism and Christianity through communication and education. Laura is currently writing a CD collection of her sacred Jewish music as well as a new collection of secular songs. www.laurabermanmusic.com

Michael Mandrell

Photo of Michael Mandrell

Michael Mandrell is an artistic and passionate contemporary American fingerstyle guitarist with an ear for the creative side of the world fusion genre. His orchestral compositions offer equal parts world and new age, an array of middle Eastern rhythms and scales, with tinges of folk and an infusion of Celtic overtones.

He is one of those rare artists who has a strong sense of his Western musical roots, yet can make beautiful and sophisticated forays into the music of the East. Michael's guitar playing is extraordinary. His tunes are lyrical—the stuff fairy tales are made of. They are slightly jazzy, seductively smooth and consistently beautiful. His intricate fretboard work and technique reflect an artist of vast creativity and a pan-global vision of the instrument he loves.


I love this community because I am with people who know my inherent perfection and I know the same for them.

– Kevin K.

My church is awesome!

– Louis D.

Every event leaves me feeling joyful.

– Allison H.

I love this community

– Sue B.
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