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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank

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Purpose & Mission

Sometimes we get caught up in the busy "doingness" of life. We then can forget that who we are is our gift to ourselves and others. Intentional acts of service brings a richness to one's own life and to those with whom we serve. The New Thought Center for Spiritual Living is an inclusive spiritual community, where all can be in service in caring & supportive ways. In service, we assist each other in deepening our sense of community and interdependence. Service opportunities allow us to co-create.


About Us

Sacred Service is one of the spiritual practices we teach in New Thought. There are many opportunities in our church community--from the "high visibility" of ushers and greeters, or members of the choir--to the "behind the scenes" people who count the offering or support Sunday & other event logistics, all are necessary for the smooth operation of our church home. We volunteer to be in service because it makes a difference for all of us. We volunteer to be in service because it is fun. We volunteer to be in service because it propels us beyond our three-dimensional experience into the realm of “creating heaven right here on Earth”. Bring your skills & strengths, your openness & willingness. Explore how being in Sacred Service can transform your life.

It is an honor to work with you to find a place of service that fits your spiritual path. I am committed to supporting you in fulfilling your desire to be in Sacred Service.

Contact Person

Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP

Photo of Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner; Director of Community Engagement; Wednesday Night Insight Facilitator
Link to contact Link to http://www.cassandrarae.com

Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP is the Director of Community Engagement at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living. She is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and a ministerial student at the School for Spiritual Leadership. In addition, she has degrees in Business Administration and Counseling Psychology. She believes that your humanity is the path of your Divinity. As a speaker, teacher, and writer she provides a unique blend of peaceful yet powerful guidance sharing spiritual principles and practices that enable you to live your most authentic, purposeful, and creative life. Sign up for NTCSL email updates (see left hand sidebar) to receive a personal weekly message from Cassandra.


I love this community because I am with people who know my inherent perfection and I know the same for them.

– Kevin K.

I embody the principles of New Thought in my everyday life and it makes such a positive difference in all that I do and all that I touch -- in my counseling practice and in my spiritual practitioner practice.

– Dave K.

I am so grateful for this beloved community. We are so blessed!

– Phil M.

Thank you God for this community.

– John B.
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