A Deeper Yes!

Welcome to A Deeper Yes!

A DEEPER YES is our sustaining pledge program which enables you to make a regular, ongoing financial commitment to New Thought Center for Spiritual Living. In so doing, you help ensure the sustainability of NTCSL’s daily operations, ministry, staff, volunteers, classes, etc.

Thank you for considering joining those in our community who are part of A DEEPER YES Sustaining Pledge program. We have over 200 pledging households with pledges ranging from $5/mo to over $1,000/mo. Your commitment is significant because it represents a sincere desire on your part to support this community at the level to which you prayerfully say “YES”!

You can set up your pledge and method of giving here on our website and through Breeze, our secure online donor management program. Click here to fill out your pledge form and once completed you will be directed to Breeze where you can make your first pledge payment using a credit/debit card or ACH Bank Transfer through your checking account (bank transfers have the lowest processing fees!). On Breeze’s form, please designate the frequency of your giving. While most of our pledges are given monthly, you may also select weekly, every 2 weeks or yearly. Your first gift will be processed on the day you enter the information and, for a monthly pledge, on the same date every month thereafter.

“Our community is better, stronger and more fulfilled in its purpose through your sacred and deep yes!  Thank you for helping ensure that the transformative power of our teachings are available for all who hear the call to a deeper yes in their life.”

– Rev. Dr. David Alexander    

I’m New to Pledging!

If this is the first time you are making a financial commitment to NTCSL, Thank you!  The generosity you express ensures that the gift of this community is available to everyone.

I am already a pledger!

Thank you!  You are a part of the history, and heritage of this community and your gift has ensured that we have a future together.  

At this time of year we ask that our current pledgers consider an increase in your giving – A Deeper Yes – to the commitment you have already made to allow for an even greater flow of good to express in your life and in the life of this community.  

Optional: Pay your pledge using Auto-Pay

If you would like to setup your payments to be automatic, you can do that here: