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Our pledge program, SPIRIT OF HOME, was launched when our blessed community made the powerful decision to purchase our very own spiritual home in Lake Oswego. Thanks to four community “angels”, we were able to purchase the property for $2.1M in April 2011. A five-year Capital Campaign was launched at that time to pay down the loans and provide funds for much needed capital improvements to the property and grounds. 150 households pledged a total of $425,800 during the first campaign. Three of the four loans were paid off in full, major improvements were made to the property and interest and principle payments were started to repay the final loan. By the end of 2015 the remaining loan was reduced from $1.85M to $1.59M.

The second five-year SPIRIT OF HOME campaign (2016-2020) is nearing completion. In April 2019 the decision was made to transition from five-year campaigns to a Sustaining Pledge program, joining NTCSL’s primary pledge program, A DEEPER YES. Our community is invited to participate in both pledge programs to assure the growth and sustainability of NTCSL.

SPIRIT OF HOME has two objectives:

  • Participate in the ownership of our spiritual home by providing funds to fully pay off our mortgage
  • Support all capital expenditures for NTCSL’s buildings and grounds.

As our Founding Spiritual Leader, Rev. Dr. David Alexander so beautifully wrote, “Like the ‘great ancestor’ old-growth trees keeping watch over our home, we are all called to stand tall, deepen our roots and cultivate the spiritual home we know to be ours. . . . this incredible property has been entrusted to us.” Together, let’s all take the final step in the Pride of Ownership by writing an ongoing, sustaining pledge to SPIRIT OF HOME. THANK YOU!

You can set up your pledge and method of giving here on our website and through Breeze, our online donor management program. Click here to fill out your pledge form and once completed you will be directed to Breeze where you can make your first pledge payment using a credit/debit card or ACH Bank Transfer through your checking account (bank transfers have the lowest processing fees!). On Breeze’s form, please designate the frequency of your giving. While most of our pledges are given monthly, you may also select weekly, every 2 weeks or yearly. Your first gift will be processed on the day you enter the information and, for a monthly pledge, on the same date every month thereafter.

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