New Thought Center for Spiritual Living practitioners support our spiritual community in a variety of ways. You can easily find our practitioners, as they wear a white stole on Sundays. Spiritual Practitioners are available for you in the following ways:
Prayer support before and after Sunday Services
Responding to your written, email and phone prayer requests
Holding the High Watch at special events.
All of the above services are provided as a gift to our spiritual community.

Spiritual Practitioners are also available for individual spiritual support sessions on a fee basis. A session with a Spiritual Practitioner provides a safe, nurturing environment for you to explore your spiritual practices and current beliefs that you would like to change. You are provided with the opportunity to co-create a "new" thought in your life that allows you to change your thinking and change your life!

To schedule a spiritual support session, contact one of our Spiritual Practitioners listed below:

Shelly Walker, LSP

Photo of Shelly Walker, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Director of Practitioners
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Shelly Walker’s life focus is prayer and family. After moving to Portland from Texas in the year 2000, Shelly discovered New Thought and her passion about life lived well. As a teacher, speaker, workshop facilitator and spiritual guidance Practitioner, Shelly helps others to empower themselves to access Truth within to help transform, uplift, and renew. When the inner work is done, then the fun begins of helping to make the world a better place - for ourselves, each other and, always, the children.

Service, prayer, tithing and community, with a focus on Love and Spirit, are the foundations of Shelly’s practice. She is honored to serve New Thought Center for Spiritual Living as a licensed Practitioner of Religious Science.

Beth Unverzagt, LSP

Photo of Beth Unverzagt, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Beth Unverzagt has been a spiritual seeker since her early teen years, having studied many spiritual traditions, and is deeply committed to her understanding and sharing the history of New Thought. As a practitioner and healer, she started taking Science of Mind classes 11 years ago and quickly followed her calling to become a Practitioner.

She feels fortunate and grateful to have been guided to great metaphysical teachers, learning experiences and opportunities for growth. In 1979 Beth learned to meditate at the Self Realization Fellowship learning the technique of Kriya Yoga. For several years studied with the healer, Katherine Cowls Beck in Los Angeles. She has witnessed demonstration of the healing that happens through prayer and treatment.

Currently, at the New Thought Center in Lake Oswego she specifically teaches classes that focus on the history of New Thought.

Melinda Sherman, LSP

Photo of Melinda Sherman, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Melinda is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, LSP with New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Melinda has also worked with a very diverse population of clients as a certified Masters level chemical dependency counselor for over 23 years. She has had extensive training in individual sessions as well as group facilitation.

Melinda came through the doors of New Thought Center 4 years ago and began taking classes a few weeks later. When she first heard the statement, "All paths lead to God", she felt that she had come home. Melinda believes that by honoring others' spiritual journey and beliefs, we are free to honor our own path and spiritual practice. She feels honored to hold the space for others as they become able to see who they are capable of being when they let go of the old stories, beliefs, and thoughts that no longer serve them and allow them to be the Divine expression of God that they are. Melinda is available by appointment in person or by phone.

Christine Ruddy, LSP

Photo of Christine Ruddy, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Christine and her daughters are active members of the NTCSL Community. Christine has a private spiritual guidance practice and is available to meet with congregants as requested. She has been a student of New Thought principles since 1999, following a series of life changing events, when she had the blessed opportunity to attend a New Thought retreat. Christine has a degree in psychology, is a published author and has worked in social services, specifically in childcare and mentoring for the last 20 years. Christine shares "It is my honor and joy to work closely with Volunteers, Staff, Ministry and Congregants at the Center. Christine enjoys managing and working through consciousness, allowing God's highest vision to be made manifest at the Center.

Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP

Photo of Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner; Director of Community Engagement
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Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP is the Director of Community Engagement at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living. She is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and a ministerial student at the School for Spiritual Leadership. In addition, she has degrees in Business Administration and Counseling Psychology. She believes that your humanity is the path of your Divinity. As a speaker, teacher, and writer she provides a unique blend of peaceful yet powerful guidance sharing spiritual principles and practices that enable you to live your most authentic, purposeful, and creative life.

Laura Perkins, LSP

Photo of Laura Perkins, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner 503.332.0099
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Laura Perkins was born and raised in Alabama where she completed a BS in Math and Science Education from Auburn University. Before settling in the Pacific Northwest, she spent a decade teaching and working in site-based governance, leadership roles for the alternative education program and high school in Ogden, Utah. With two young sons at home and a need to better understand life, Laura began metaphysical studies, finishing her initial professional spiritual practitioner licensing in early 2003.

As a founding member of her spiritual community, Laura has served at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in various Practitioner Ministries and in Music Ministry from the beginning. She believes music is a dynamic form of prayer and profound expression of the Divine demonstrating through physical form.

In 2012 to 2017 Laura supported the Adult Education Ministry in systems development and various leadership roles. Laura is passionate about and committed to living a life of applied spiritual Principle, bringing this perspective to whatever she does including her management work at a local search engine optimization company. In addition to teaching and workshop facilitation, Laura also mentors others in one-on-one spiritual practitioner sessions.

Sacred service is an integral part of Laura’s path, knowing the Divinity that lights our human experience. "It is an honor and privilege to share this sacred journey with others as we all come to a greater expression of our own True nature and purpose as individuals, in community, and in leadership."

Helen Ohm, LSP

Photo of Helen Ohm, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Helen began sensing her spiritual path and true calling more than 15 years ago. She was introduced to and has participated in New Thought teachings for well over a decade and has been an active participant in New Thought Center for Spiritual Living since its inception. She has always felt her life purpose to be in service to her family, her community and her spiritual home.

Helen is committed to her own personal unfoldment and brings an extensive background in alternative healing. She is a Centers for Spiritual Living Licensed Practitioner.

Helen is delighted to be of service at NTCSL and wants you to know she believes in You!

Chuck Willis, LSP

Photo of Chuck Willis, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Chuck Willis is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and has lead meditation, contemplation, Spiritual inquiry and consciousness expansion activities for over two decades. He has studied and practiced the nature of Spirituality in both Europe and India in addition to the US. As a teacher, guide and practitioner, he draws from his knowledge of both Eastern and Western philosophies. He leads with an open heart, honoring and embracing both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine natures that reside within us all, balancing the realization of formless, eternal core Essence with sacred, creative divine expression.

J. Alison Hilber, LSP

Photo of J. Alison Hilber, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Alison became a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner at NTCSL in 2011 and has a BA in Transpersonal Psychology. She serves her Beloved spiritual community in myriad ways, including teaching and facilitating about spiritual principle.

Alison has written two books about self-love and body acceptance: "I Am Who I Am: Sacredly Accepting my Body Temple," and "Change How You See, Not How You Look: Power Tools for Celebrating Your Body." One of Alison’s greatest joys is her thriving spiritual guidance practice, assisting clients in remembering the Truth of their magnificence.​

Dana Montgomery, LSP

Photo of Dana Montgomery, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Dana began her "Spiritual Quest" as a youth and had what she considers an awakening experience at an early age. This experience set her on a life long mission to discover the keys or Infinite Universal Truths to assist in navigating life's many challenges, not only for herself but with a deep passion to serve, assist, and empower others to do the same. She studied Psychology at Washington State University. Dana has examined many religions and philosophies through her hunger and drive to learn.

Dana began attending a New Thought Spiritual Center in the 90's, and in 2010 she made New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego her Spiritual Community and Home. In 2010 she began taking the courses offered at NTCSL and was called to continue on to the Professional Practitioner Program. Dana is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner through The Centers for Spiritual Living. She feels wholeheartedly that through this philosophy and her committed Spiritual Practice she has discovered Universal Truths and tools to successfully navigate through life's many challenges and to transform them into "opportunities for spiritual growth." Dana honors all paths to God. She is often available for prayer at the Center after services. Dana has a private spiritual guidance practice and is available by appointment.

Sylvia Miller, LSP

Photo of Sylvia Miller, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Sylvia is deeply, and profoundly grateful for being blessed by the community here at NTCSL. She transferred here from the Grants Pass CSL as a second year Practitioner student and quickly became part of the Sangha sisters. As a lifelong learner, she started taking Science of Mind classes ten years ago and quickly followed her calling to become a Practitioner. As she celebrates the glorious gifts of life which God has so generously given to her, she is able to be of loving service to this spiritual community in many capacities. She is an accomplished artist, an experienced teacher, and a Professional Licensed Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living. She has a BA in art and biological science and holds standard lifelong teaching credentials. Currently, she teaches artistic spiritual journaling classes, offers affirmative prayer treatments and is part of the pastoral care team. She is sincerely grateful to be of service.

Jeannine Massey, MA, LSP

Photo of Jeannine Massey, MA, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Director of Education Ministry
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Jeannine Massey has been on her spiritual path, consciously, since she was in her teen years. A defining moment was when she started asking a priest questions during class and was told, "Don't ask questions, believe what is written." She sensed at that moment that she had an inner knowing and that she would have to find the answers herself. Thus began her journey. When she lived in Tucson, Arizona and her three daughters were young, she taught religious education, was a parish council board member, and eventually a church staff member responsible for a 500 student elementary religious education program. Upon moving to Oregon she sought the spiritual nourishment she had come to value. In 1987 she discovered a New Thought Center and became an active member and subsequently a Practitioner. She's been active in this spiritual community in many ways - always learning, growing, and encouraging others to do the same. Jeannine brings to her practitioner practice a grounded knowing that truly, all is well. Jeannine demonstrates spiritual practice in her every day life and is eager to share those principles with her spiritual community.
Jeannine's professional journey has focused on assisting individuals and organizations achieve results. She's worked in private, public, and non-profit organizations with a focus on facilitation, training, project management, conflict resolution, and coaching. She has an undergraduate degree from Marylurst University in Business Administration and Communications. Her graduate degree is from Antioch University in Whole Systems Design, with a certification in Organizational Systems Renewal (change management). Jeannine also has certifications in MBTI, Wilson's Learning Styles, Situational Leadership, and is a certified coach and licensed seminar leader with Maria Nemeth's Academy for Coaching Excellence.
Jeannine is a demonstration in the professional world of how showing up as spiritual principle can be rewarding and fun.

Sandy Leybold, LSP

Photo of Sandy Leybold, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Born in California, raised mostly in Asia, and a resident of Oregon since 1992, Sandy has been exposed to a variety of cultures and ways of being. In 2015, Sandy retired from her health care management career to focus on deepening her own practice, building community, and supporting others on their spiritual journeys as a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner.

As a child, Sandy's theosophist grandfather taught her to honor all paths to God and the divinity within each person. Later she explored Buddhist philosophy, other mystical traditions, and the mind-body connection. Sandy joined a New Thought church in 1997, and has been active at NTCSL since its first day in Lake Oswego. Contributing her time, talent and treasure to NTCSL, Sandy leads the HUG team, serves on the Finance Committee and Board of Trustees, and supports NTCSL's ministry and community as a Licensed Practitioner.

As a Practitioner, Sandy gratefully shares spiritual principles and tools to remind us of the Truth of who and what we are--spiritual beings having a human experience. Sandy explains, "The Bible says 'wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am', and when we say 'Namaste', it means 'Spirit within me recognizes Spirit within you'. In a client session, through deep listening and affirmative prayer, the client and practitioner align with Spirit, allowing a revelation of Truth and an experience of healing." Sandy is available for prayer after church services, and for fee-based client sessions by appointment.

LaNae LaCourse, LSP

Photo of LaNae LaCourse, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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LaNae began her spiritual journey at a young age. Raised by a mother with a 12-step background and a heritage based in Native American Spirituality, both of these gave her the opportunity to know Spirit in its many forms. Knowing there are many paths to God and that Spirit resides right here and right now within each one of us has been a Spiritual Truth that has guided her through all her adventures.

LaNae experienced drugs and alcohol at a young age. By the age of 16, she was clean and sober and continued on her path of Spiritual Development. She experienced firsthand the courage it takes to ask for help when you feel hopeless and the vulnerability that is needed to receive love and support from those who could Know the Truth of her until she knew it for herself.

LaNae has been a licensed massage therapist since 1991 integrating Body, Mind and Spirit. Enjoying one-on-one work with her clients, she has supported many of them as they moved through healing and growth. Since becoming a licensed practitioner at NTCSL in 2016 she has continued to work one-on-one with individuals as well as groups to bring back ceremonies and ritual to her community. Her passion is to inspire and remind individuals of their True Divine Nature while honoring their own Humanity. Part of LaNae's calling is to provide Spiritual tools of Self-Empowerment to teens and young adults.

Kip Knote, LSP

Photo of Kip Knote, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Kip began his spiritual quest in the mountains and prairies of Montana and began a life of service to others when he joined the Marines after high school in 1986. In 1994 he married his high school sweetheart Arlene Anderson and shortly thereafter, they started their family. Life soon found him and his young family in Littleton, Colorado, where he was fortunate enough to attend Mile Hi Church and take classes for ten years. Kip was very active in the Youth Ministry where he taught various age groups, accompanied youth groups on several excursions, and facilitated the construction of a cardboard city called Dome Zone (where his structural/civil engineering background came in handy) at the annual Rainbow Day Camp for over 200 children. Wanting to dive deeper into the principles of Science of Mind, Kip began Practitioner training in 2011 and completed just prior to moving to Oregon in August 2013. Kip was installed as a Practitioner at New Thought CSL that same month. He has again immersed himself into the Youth Ministry as a teacher & spiritual leader. Kip additionally facilitates “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent” workshops at NTCSL and other facilities in the area. Passionate about leadership and youth, Kip is clear that his path is to provide leadership by being the best example he can be. He is available to spiritual travelers of all ages who are interested in Practitioner sessions, prayer support, or guided meditations.

Roxana Hall, LSP

Photo of Roxana Hall, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Roxana is a life-long student devoted to discovering the Truth about the Universe, and has been studying the spiritual principles of New Thought since 1985. She applies these principles to her life and is passionate about sharing her experiences. Roxana is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (RScP) with United Center for Spiritual Living and is in service to the community of New Thought Center for Spiritual Living.
Roxana brings a respect for all paths to understanding the Divine. Roxana is dedicated to facilitating the sacred process of holding a space for others to develop their own unique connection.
Roxana is in service in a number of ways: as a member of a team of ministers who serve at the Coffee Creek Women’s Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, OR, and is the founder and director of her independent ministry called “Sacred Theater”. For many years, Roxana has worked in the public schools as a Language Arts and Performing Arts teacher. Roxana graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree from New West Seminary is 2005.
The process of discovering how to serve the divine has brought Roxana into a place of conviction of the great power of the Spirit and continues to stay in the inquiry about how to serve the One.

Georgena Eggleston, LSP

Photo of Georgena Eggleston, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Georgena Eggleston, M.A., is an author, speaker, Science of Mind Practitioner and Trauma Specialist. She facilitates Grief Relief Meetings and study groups on her book, "A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief." Georgena is a certified Clean Language Facilitator and Rubenfeld Synergist, Psych-K Practitioner, co-creator of Affirmative Innergetics and leads Body-Mind exercises so people may connect with their Sacred Center, God within.

Bonnie Duncan, LSP

Photo of Bonnie Duncan, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Following the passing of her beloved grandfather, six-year-old Bonnie had a humbling, yet profound spiritual experience. This mystical experience has influenced her entire life and continues to influence her while now stepping into service as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner.

Being a devotee of Truth, Bonnie's faith journey always amazed her as the many expressions of God, The Good, were revealed. She explored and honored many different faith traditions including: Methodist, Pentecostal, Bahai', Unity, and Science of Mind.

Bonnie married her high school sweetheart and is the proud mother of two beautiful sons. Along her spiritual journey Bonnie has been an elementary school and high school special education teacher, a fitness instructor with emphasis in the body, mind, soul connection, and a Special Olympic coach. As a promoter of the creative arts for all populations, with an inclusion emphasis honoring diversity, Bonnie became the proud creative director of "Have A Heart"....a sacred dance, clown, mime business. Her performances and workshops emphasized environmental, peace, and social justice issues, plus honored all orientations and paths to God.

Currently, Bonnie is a writer, an avid hiker, yoga student, Caring Closet and Dress For Success volunteer. She resides in Tigard, OR with her second husband, Michael, and their 15.5 year old 'forever' daughter Suzie, who is expressing on the amazing autistic-artistic spectrum. Bonnie is a testament to never giving up on one's childhood dreams by answering the sacred call to adopt, at age 54!

Bonnie truly feels blessed to be in service as a prayer practitioner, knowing that there is really nothing to heal, only the Truth to be revealed. She recognizes that all spiritual work is uplifting the Namaste' Oneness Consciousness on an individual, local, and global level, thereby, contributing to a world that truly 'honors' everyone. As Bonnie states, "The greatest Spiritual Truth I have ever found, is in honoring my Higher Knowing daily, by loving the I Am within me, forgiving myself, appreciating that everyone truly is a sacred teacher, plus knowing that divine choice and creative self expression are my birthright. Namaste'

Elaine Jacobson, LSP

Photo of Elaine Jacobson, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Board Member
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Like so many others, Elaine has been a life long seeker on a spiritual path, searching for the meaning of her life and her purpose in it all.

This led her to answering the call to become a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner (RScP), because of a deep desire to be a witness to the Truth of the Spiritual Being that is each of us. She has witnessed demonstration of the healing work that happens through prayer and treatment.

Her search also led her to train in the energy healing practices of Healing Touch, Energetic Healing and Therapeutic Touch. She trained with teachers and Shamans in the energy healing traditions of Peru. She is also a Reiki Master and is currently working as a licensed massage therapist (LMT).

She is a founding member of NTCSL and has volunteered in many areas, including being a choir member for 18 years, being on the Count Team, assisting in the More Than Words Bookstore, and active in the Coffee Creek prison ministry. She is currently pursuing additional studies in CSL ministry.

Elaine feels blessed to be in service to our Beloved Community. She is available for private spiritual guidance sessions and, of course, is always available for prayer.

Sylvia DePue, MS, LSP

Photo of Sylvia DePue, MS, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Sylvia came to New Thought in 1986, became a Chaplain in 2001, was certified as a Practitioner in 2003 and in 2008 became a licensed Religious Science Practitioner through The United Centers for Spiritual Living.
Sylvia is available Sundays for individual prayer, is on the Prayer Team, and leads meditations. She volunteers on the Acts of Kindness team, Peace Now, and at MacClaren School for Boys.
Sylvia has had many profound experiences during her more than 30 years as an educator and consultant in regular and Special Education and Deaf Education. They provide her with opportunities to practice observation, deep listening, non-judgment and accepting each individual right where they are and then to empower them to go beyond their fears and do more. She supports each in developing their communication skills to express their needs and wants and to work through a situation with others with apologies and/or forgiveness. Virtues/God qualities are also part of the daily experience. She continues to evolve these skills in her own daily life, as a Practitioner and a Life Coach. (Sylvia is also a certified Life Coach with Maria Nemeth’s Academy for Coaching Excellence).
Sylvia enjoys supporting her clients to be the best they can be, to resolve situations in their lives which they wish to experience differently, to do their forgiveness work, and to celebrate their successes on the road to being a “human-being” instead of a “human-doing” and living their life with “ease” and “grace”. Sylvia has a deep commitment to the well being of all people.

Barbara Buckingham-Hayes, LSP

Photo of Barbara Buckingham-Hayes, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Barbara Buckingham-Hayes is licensed as a Practitioner through the United Centers for Spiritual Living and is currently serving at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living. Born in Washington, DC, Barbara found her way to Oregon by way of Liberia, West Africa, where she served as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1974-75. She is married and has one adult daughter who lives in Portland. Barbara began working in the healing arts and later received her MA in Counseling at the University of Portland. Barbara has been a spiritual seeker since her 20's, and has studied both Eastern and Western spiritual teachings, prior to her discovery of New Thought. Barbara is especially inspired by volunteering in the children's ministry at NTCSL and enjoys leading meditation circles. Barbara welcomes the opportunity to pray with community members and to know the truth together.

Krystal Ashling, LSP

Photo of Krystal Ashling, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Compassionate Care Coordinator

Krystal Ashling, MSW, LSP, has been a member of NTCSL since April 2011. She and her partner Marlene were encouraged to come to hear a friend sing and found it to be home immediately. Marlene transitioned in November of 2015 and Krystal finished her training in 2016 to become a Licensed Practitioner.
Krystal has extensive history in service as a hospice social worker for 20+ years. She has training in trauma work, grief work, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and EMDR. Krystal comes to NTCSL with a wide variety of spiritual interest and training. She is a Reiki Master, Buddhist, Feminist, and Vegetarian.
Krystal is a poet and songwriter and has incorporated this into her spirituality. She loves to walk and run in nature, using walking meditation as one of her spiritual practices.
Krystal would like to make your experience with her as a practitioner unique. She would love to come to your home, have a session in nature, write a poem or song to complement your session with her, whatever you desire. She sincerely believes that everyone has their own spiritual path and has the skills and compassion to help you find and follow yours.

Laura Schlafly, LSP

Photo of Laura Schlafly, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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For most of her adult life Laura has been fascinated with uncovering one’s life purpose and then figuring out how to live it. Through Laura’s search of a new consciousness and way of being, she ultimately discovered her unique self, gifts and talents.

It has been said that “our wound is our gift”. This has been true for Laura and it may be for you as well. Laura’s childhood wound was not feeling supported or affirmed. So not surprisingly, her calling as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual living is to support others in healing and in being their purpose. It is Laura’s deepest desire to be a way-shower by bringing light to your life in a myriad of ways.

As a Practitioner, Laura listens deeply, guiding her clients to discover their inner power to heal themselves. They come to understand how healing is not a destination, but a process of self-discovery to find out who they really are and how to always be at choice in every aspect of life.

Laura’s guidance and support draws on a background in Asian studies, business development and career coaching. This varied knowledge allows her to be adept at helping her clients navigate changes and transitions in life, as well as uncovering each individual’s unique way of serving in the world. Laura is available for private practitioner sessions to assist you in recognizing your light and allowing it to shine brightly. You may find out more at:


Since joining this spiritual community four years ago, I no longer think of myself as a chronically ill person. I am well in mind, body, and spirit.

– Wendy T.

This community is where I come to celebrate Divine Source within me and looking back at me through everyone I meet.

– Pamela P.

Every event leaves me feeling joyful.

– Allison H.

The music ministry here rocks!

– Jami L
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