Patty Hunter

Patty was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She is sansei – 3rd generation Japanese-American, which means her grandparents came from Japan in the early 1900’s.  In the current climate of inclusivity and social justice, Patty has become more aware of her Asian-ness than ever before.  From our principles, Patty knows that we are all One.  And from our principles, she also knows that we all have and can appreciate all of our differences – skin color, heritage, political affiliation, gender/sexual preferences, broccoli lover/hater.  Patty wants us to all stay open to conversation.

Patty is a registered nurse, receiving her degree from Santa Rosa Jr. College.  Early in her career, she worked in medical/surgical, post-anesthesia, and outpatient surgery.  She retired Dec, 2016 after 32 years at Kaiser Permanente working as a clinic and telephone advice nurse, then after moving to Portland in 1991, as a trainer and a systems analyst on the information technology side of health care.  She has two adult sons, and an elderly dachshund.  Patty enjoys walking/hiking, kayaking, reading, knitting/handiwork, and lately Contra dancing.  She has a variety of musical instruments, most of which  she hardly plays at all but enjoys playing them nonetheless.

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