Sandy Leybold, RScP

Born in California, raised mostly in Asia, and a resident of Oregon since 1992, Sandy has been exposed to a variety of cultures and ways of being.

As a child, Sandy’s theosophist grandfather taught her to honor all paths to God and the divinity within each person.  Later she explored Buddhist philosophy, other mystical traditions, and the mind-body connection.  Sandy joined a New Thought church in 1997, and has been active at NTCSL since its first day in Lake Oswego.  Contributing her time, talent and treasure to NTCSL, Sandy leads the HUG team, serves on the Finance Committee and Board of Trustees, and supports NTCSL’s ministry and community as a licensed practitioner.

In 2015, Sandy retired from her health care management career to focus on deepening her own practice, building community, and supporting others on their spiritual journeys.  As a practitioner, Sandy gratefully shares spiritual principles and tools to remind us of the Truth of who and what we are–spiritual beings having a human experience.  Sandy explains, “The Bible says ‘wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am’, and when we say ‘Namaste’, it means ‘Spirit within me recognizes Spirit within you’. In a client session, through deep listening and affirmative prayer, the client and practitioner align with Spirit, allowing a revelation of Truth and an experience of healing.”

Sandy is available for prayer after church services, and for fee-based client sessions by appointment.

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