December 23, 2018

The Light of Christmas

The Light of Christmas

The glorious and beautiful celebration of the birth of Christ, the birth of the God-Self, can be taking place in your heart now.   If you accept the gift as yours, you can be transformed.  Fear and want will go out of your life; confidence and security will be ushered in.  And all challenges – great and small – will yield to your understanding of the Greater Power within you.

What must you let go of to make room for the Christ to be born in you? Old Thoughts? Old Beliefs? Busy-ness? Over-commitments? Are you ready to let of that which doesn’t serve – that which blocks the Christ in your heart, your mind, your life? As you discover the manger place in your own soul – you will make place in your INN – your life, for Christ to be born in you.

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