This person plays music occasionally as a guest.

Joshua Stoddard

Photo of Joshua Stoddard
Guest Musician

Joshua creates stream of consciousness music live with the intention of providing a healing/grounding environment to allow an extra level of depth for meditation practice. Joshua combines his knowledge of healing frequencies with his passion to be a space of healing in each live performance.

Rev. Christy Snow

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Guest Musician

Rev. Christy Snow is a singer/songwriter, speaker, writer, workshop and retreat facilitator. She empowers others through music, speaking and teaching. Through life affirming lyrics and messages, she inspires others to live their best life and to share their unique expression in the world fully and freely, while promoting authenticity and equality.

Rev. Christy's latest acoustic driven CD of original music is called Free To Be and was released in January 2016. This CD has the drive of the acoustic guitar that Christy Snow fans have loved for over 25 years and yet it leans more toward the rock and blues side of things.

Rev. Christy is an ordained Religious Science minister, with ten years experience in church leadership, spiritual coaching and event promotion. She provides leadership training and community building activities and also consults with ministers and music directors regarding the art of crafting an engaging flow of service. She officiates weddings and is experienced in baby blessings and house blessings as well as guiding a collective intention for new businesses.

Rev. Christy has been a keynote speaker nationally and internationally at conferences, churches, gay pride and other LGBTQ equality events, interfaith events and as a vegan advocate.

She is a gifted life coach and enjoys assisting individuals and couples to live in present moment awareness while taking full responsibility for their lives. She teaches others to create life consciously from heart centered awareness through the tools and insights shared in her sessions and classes.

Gary Lynn Floyd

Photo of Gary Lynn Floyd
Guest Musician
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Gary Lynn Floyd is an American singer-songwriter who connects straight to the heart and lifts up a room with his inspirational lyrics and soulful style. A native of Houston, Gary began picking out melodies on a piano at four years old, and he’s been making music ever since. Today he writes and records deep and meaningful music, and shares these songs like a gift to audiences across the country. His style is a mix of pop, rhythm, and blues, combining silky vocals with powerful lyrics. It is Gary’s openness to divine inspiration that fuels his endless supply of musical ideas, creates his heart-opening lyrics, and is the light that shines through his performances. With his piano and microphone, Gary is a catalyst for positive change and raises the collective vibration not only through his music but also through his welcoming presence on stage. Gary brings to his musical performances the culmination of a life’s work. From early roots in gospel and jazz to stage and screen acting to his recent one-man show “When Gary Met Harry: The Music of Harry Warren,” Gary draws from a deep and eclectic well of talent and experience.

“Gary Lynn Floyd is quickly becoming a favorite singer and songwriter in the New Thought music world.” – David Goldberg, Science of Mind, 2014

Saeeda Wright

Photo of Saeeda Wright
Guest Vocalist
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Saeeda “Mama Sae” Wright is one of the Pacific Northwest premier vocalist and songwriters. Currently Saeeda sings backup for Prince and is a member of his New Power Generation and is featured with the Tim Snider Trio. Over the last Twenty years Saeeda has had the privilege of working with several artists such as Lalah Hathaway, Mike Phillips, Patrick Lamb, Duffy Bishop and The Pacific Northwest own Liv Warfield. Saeeda has also been blessed to grace the stage with or open for Gospel Music Power-houses Jessica Reedy, Cece Winans, Crystal Akin, JJ Harrison and Yvette Williams of the Kurt Carr Singers. Some of Saeeda’s studio credits include Derrick McDuffey and Kingdom Sound, Liv Warfield, and Bruthaz Grimm.

Through it all Saeeda has remained humble and continues to give back to the communities she loves. She is very well known and respected for her work as a soloist with the Oregon Symphony, and has been a regular participant in Portland’s Annual Blues Festival, as well as many other festivals and events that take place in Oregon throughout the year. Saeeda also works as a dedicated vocal coach in hopes of helping others reach their musical dreams.

Yohannes Murphy

Photo of Yohannes Murphy
Guest Musician

Yohannes has been performing and teaching around the Portland area for over 15 years. He has played leading roles in many regional musical theater productions, teaches private guitar lessons, teaches music in schools, and leads many parent/child music classes during the week! He has lived in many parts of the country as well as in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. He is a member of the Baha'i Faith which allowed him to meet people from all of over the world growing up. Yohannes lives in Lake Oswego with his wife, Laila, and three children. They love providing music in their community as a family. . .(Well, the 3 year old still needs a babysitter. . .)

Nick Grant

Photo of Nick Grant
Guest Vocalist

Nick Grant is a passionate vocalist who has been singing and performing since he was a child. As a youngster, he was a five-year member of the Portland Boychoir, directed by David York, and more recently sang with an a cappella group “On the Rocks” at the University of Oregon. He has performed in international showcases and competitions in Japan, China, and other parts of the United States. Nick has performed at NTCSL many times in the past and is excited to return.

Mark Olmstead

Photo of Mark Olmstead

Mark sees music as the key element for inspiring change in the world.

After spending many years creating a successful home-based business, becoming a natural health enthusiast, and learning sustainable living practices, Mark is turning his focus today to sharing the insights he has gleaned over the years through his music. Mark spent several years busking through Australia and New Zealand - after which he released 2 albums: ''The Soul Reason' and 'One Peace at a Time'. He has recently co-authored the e-book 'Re-defining Destiny by Rediscovering America' which educates on the subject of personal sovereignty and reclaiming the rights protected under the original constitution. Both his music and e-book are available at

Mark is currently working on publishing his children's book 'The True Sunbeam' as well as recording his latest inspirational music. Mark believes that language is a powerful tool in creating reality. He sees music as the language which transcends not only the boundaries of culture, religion and beliefs but our very physiology as well. Through his recent work with 432hz based tuning, his music is reaching new levels as the medium through which to inspire his human family to create the peace they wish to see - One Peace at a Time... by recognizing their own divinity.

Doug Verigin

Photo of Doug Verigin
Guest Musician

For over forty years, drumming has been a part of Doug Verigin's life and ten years ago, he began playing guitar to accompany chants and songs for sacred services. Gradually, guitar became Doug’s primary instrument, and he started writing songs. His musical experience includes small jazz combos and big bands, orchestral work, musical theatre orchestras, pop and rock bands.

Currently, Doug is the Music Director of the Abundant Life Center, an independent New Thought church in Vancouver, Washington. The CD “Pages of Time” is his first major recording effort.

Randy Haislip

Photo of Randy Haislip
Guest Musician

Randy Haislip is a musician, craftsman and former monk and Brahman priest who fell in love with the Native American flute and moved with his family to Portland to make them full time. He also plays and makes the Kalimba or Imbira, a traditional South African Instrument. Randy feels that playing these instruments provides a channel to that sacred space within of peace, love and interconnection, where we all come from and eventually return.

Darius Lux

Photo of Darius Lux
Guest Musician

When singer/songwriter Darius Lux left the confines of New York City to travel the world for a year, he didn't fully comprehend the life changing pilgrimage he was embarking on. A multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer came back as a free-thinker and inspirational lyricist.

Combining his love of 60's songwriting, 70's soul, 80's pop and 90's hip-hop into a current mix of soulful, rock-edged pop tunes, Darius found his voice on his debut record "Arise", took us to the streets of LA for his EP, "Time is Now" and now presents his new album, "We The Living".

Darius' music is a statement describing how we can take control of our lives. "For each one of us, life can be full of different fears, but we have to remember that fear is a choice. When we decide we don't want fear and we have chosen to believe in ourselves instead, we find that we begin to receive the things in life we've hoped for."

Darius is currently gigging in California & Arizona and living life against the grain - with every spirited note he plays; he urges us to do the same.


The music ministry here rocks!

– Jami L

I love my spiritual home!

– Diane S.

My heart overflows with gratitude, love, and joy as I remember the countless magical moments I have shared with my spiritual family.

– Chuck W.

It is a joy to be within a community of passion and revelation.

– David W.
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