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Shirley Brown

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Women of Wisdom Discussion Group Lead

A long time resident of Oregon and a previous member of Mile Hi CSL in Colorado. Shirley is currently a volunteer assistant administrator of the Youth & Family Ministry here at NTCSL. She co-organizes the Sacred Silver Sages book club with Elaine Jacobson. She is a retired school teacher, a proud mother and grandmother.

Arvin Paranjpe

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Meditation Group Leader

Arvin is a Senior Technology Development Manager and has worked within OHSU's intellectual property office (the Technology Transfer and Business Development) for over six years. He is responsible for evaluating, managing, protecting (along with in-house patent counsel), and licensing software and medical device technologies. Arvin has successfully negotiated license agreements with large medical device companies in the U.S. and abroad, medium-sized software and medical device companies in the U.S., and entrepreneurs in the Portland area. Arvin earned his law degree from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis and is licensed to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office as a registered Patent Agent.

Arvin has been practicing passage meditation and, to the best of his ability, the 8 point program outlined by Eknath Easwaran, for over six years. He enjoys spending his free time with his family, hiking and reading.

Mike Unger

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Co-Chair Peace & Environmental Team
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I have lived in the greater Portland area all of my life except for the time that I was in California getting my Masters in Engineering from Stanford. I come from a large family of eight children. My parents owned and operated farm located south of Hillsboro. It was a family operation and I enjoyed working with my parents and brothers and sisters.

Soon after graduating with my engineering degree, I met and fell in love with Cheri, now Rev. Cheri. We have three children—Joe, Rachel and Karen. Joe lives in Seattle, has his doctorate and works in cancer research for the Fred Hudson Cancer Research Association. Rachel works at the Multnomah County Court House in Portland as a lawyer. Karen works for the US State Department and is currently stationed in Kenya. We have three grandchildren– James, Alex and Kelly whom we see often.

I have spent my career as an electrical engineer working for consulting engineering firms. Cheri and I owned Power System Engineers, Inc. an engineering firm for 10 years and worked together providing services to utilities in the NW. We sold our firm to Elcon Associates nine years ago where I continue to work. I plan to work as a part time employee at the end of 2014.

I am very concerned about climate change and the effect that this could have on our children and grandchildren. For this reason, I chair the Environmental Team at NTCSL and have been instrumental in forming and managing Engineers for a Sustainable Future.

My religions background is Catholic. It was difficult for me as I take my spiritual life seriously but the Catholic Church was just not doing it for me so I left the church. Cheri and I eventually found our way to New Thought joining Unity of Portland and Unity of Beaverton, the Living Enrichment Center and then NTCSL.

I studied the CSL Practitioner courses through LEC and have taken several courses through NTCSL. I am a founding member of the choir and thoroughly enjoy singing and fellowship that the choir offers. I was on the NTCSL Board in 2005 and 2006 and was treasurer for one year. I am interested in doing all that I can to insure the financial health of our church.

Carolyn Boyd Gomez

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Office Manager; Bookstore Manager; Special Events Manager
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Carolyn was born and raised in Portland, and attended Oregon State University. Marriage to an Air Force officer, took her away from Oregon, and after living in California, Arizona, and St. Louis Missouri, she ended up putting down roots in the Washington DC area for 30 years. Her career path took her into retail, first as an Interior Designer, and then into Executive Management of the high-end Home Furnishings & Interior Design business that she and her husband owned for many years. Returning "home" to Oregon in 2006, after closing the business, was a dream come true. She feels truly blessed and is grateful everyday to be back in Oregon.

Carolyn was introduced to Unity at the age of 7, when her mother was seeking an alternative to their Lutheran roots. She attended Unity churches wherever she lived, and found her church home in the DC suburbs, Unity of Fairfax, in Oakton, VA. There she was active in many volunteer activities, including singing in the church choir and being a member of the Board of Trustees for 6 years. She is now very grateful to be a part of New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, a dynamic Spiritual Community, where she continues on her spiritual journey.

Arlene Anderson

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Teen Fundraising Coordinator

While new to New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, Arlene and her family began attending Mile Hi Church in Lakewood Colorado in 2003. Arlene has taken many classes & workshops and continues her spiritual education on the path to Practitioner Training. At Mile Hi she served on many Ministry of Service Teams including: Hospitality, Event Book Sales, and Media Center. She also was a lead organizer of the Mile Hi Children’s Festival for four years. One of her favorite roles was co-founder and leader of the Families Of Little Kids (FOLK) Group at Mile Hi organizing family-friendly events where parents and kids of all ages could get to know each other and network outside of church. Arlene credits her husband Kip Knote and his unending support for the freedom to leave her background in law and move into the more satisfying career of raising their two girls and being a professional volunteer. She describes her philosophy of service as, “Every task is an opportunity to be in sacred service if we come to it mindfully. My goal is to assist each person in recognizing that serving their spiritual community in whatever capacity they can, is actually a spiritual practice that enriches their life just as much as it enriches the spiritual community, as they are one and the same.“

Brian Runyan

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I have been a part of the New Thought community since the early LEC days and a part of this community since the Kingstad days. Laurie and I became official members of the New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in May of 2011.

Until now, I have been pretty content to stay on the sidelines, taking classes and telling myself that I would step up “later”. Well, it’s now later. I have recently retired from driving a bus for TriMet and can focus my time and energy differently. Normal sleep patterns will do that for a person.

Serving as a Trustee allows me to more fully embrace my spiritual path of service and truly help make the world a better place.

I come with some experience in board service. I was on the Board of Directors of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance for ten years, serving as chair for two terms, and, most recently, completed eleven years on the TriMet bus safety committee, serving two terms as chair. I work happily and most effectively with a group committed to the same goals.

I look forward to working with like-minded people dedicated to the good of our spiritual community. I gladly accept and fully embrace that serving as a Trustee for New Thought Center for Spiritual Living is what’s mine to do at this time. And so it is!

Michael Murphy

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Community Leader
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After a six month absence from Portland and NTCSL, I returned in February 2013.  The gift of that "separation" is knowing that this is right where I belong.  I will do what is mine to do to support this community that has supported me and all of us in our Divine Unfolding.

My service experience ranges from being a member of The Northwest Academy Development Committee, and serving as Board Chair of the school's art gallery, The Angry Pigeon.  Other service commitments include personal, local, and world service for 12 Step Fellowships, including serving as the national representative to an upcoming World Service Conference.  

Recently, I started a Wednesday night Life Group:  New Thought 12 Steps. I have taken two NTCSL courses, Foundations and Financial Freedom.

I attended Muskingum College and the University of Cincinnati majoring in Philosophy. I am currently the owner of several small businesses, that include the Buffalo Wings Clothing Co. located in Portland, in the Pearl.

Charles Landis

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Community Leader
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I was sitting in a Finance Committee meeting wrapping my brain around some fairly complex financial dealings New Thought Center is currently involved in: a new way of budgeting where we will bring the operating budget into sync with the pledge year; the disposition of a legacy gift in which we must bring into alignment the testator’s wishes and our current needs; a Capital Campaign budget which seeks to balance our repair and refurbishing needs with our mortgage obligations. President Andrea was conducting the meeting and at one point she looked at me and silently mouthed “Will you come be on the Board?”

I’ve been serving on the Finance Committee continuously since July, 2008 when as a Board member I succeeded Rev. Andrea to the position of Treasurer. I was aware of the current Board vacancy, but I was not sure I was ready to jump back in. Serving on the NTCSL Board is so much more than attending one evening meeting a month –it is an assumption of stewardship responsibility for the wellbeing of NTCSL; the finances, the ministries, the administration, the community. The only way this can happen is as a joint effort –with ministry, with administration, with other members of the Board, with our wonderful volunteers, with the community and, most importantly, with the input and guidance of Spirit.

Then Rev. Andrea shared with me her vision for a new governance model for NTCSL . It involves passing responsibility for operations from the Board and committees to the professional staff. We have started implementing this model on the Finance Committee. I’m excited to participate in moving the Board from micromanagement to policy setting.

So here I am, back on the Board for another stint. I conveyed my acceptance to Andrea at the service that Sunday. By Monday evening she had approval of the appointment from a majority of the Board. Now that’s leadership. I am humbled, honored, and blessed to have this opportunity to serve.

Laurie Daven

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New Thought Center for Spiritual Living is my church home ... and my “family.” I know this is true for most all of us, which is why it works!

I believe in tithing my time and energy back to the sources of the blessings I am receiving, and I am abundantly blessed by the people and programs at NTCSL. I also believe that of all the avenues of service to choose from at NTCSL, serving on the Board of Trustees seems the best “fit” for my experience and skill set. I am willing to serve in whatever capacity is needed, to the best of my ability. There is certainly much work to be done and much to learn along the way. I expect to grow in many ways spiritually from this avenue of service.

I am a lifelong New Thought student, having been raised in Unity since birth. Although fairly new to NTCSL, I have been almost continually in leadership roles in Unity from 1986 through 2004. Over those 18 years, these roles included: International Coordinator for Young Adults of Unity, Unity Regional Education Consultant serving 25 ministries in 7 states, Associate Editor/Manager of Unity’s flagship Daily Word Magazine, executive steering committee member and facilitator for the worldwide Unity movement. In 2004, I became a licensed financial services professional designing sound financial strategies for business owners and others. Through all of these experiences, I’ve been blessed with extensive training in group facilitation, conflict management strategies, effective communication for organizations, budgeting, problem-solving, visioning, and effectively facilitating organizational decision-making processes, all with prayer as the foundation. I now would like to use these skills in prayerful service to NTCSL.

In my past careers in New Thought organizations, I have worked in connection with many church boards of trustees, and watched how they worked together with one another and their communities. At NTCSL, I have observed firsthand the exemplary integrity and commitment to the highest ideals of prayer consciousness our Board of Trustees maintains, collectively and individually, in their service to this community. It would be a pleasure and a gift to serve within that prayerful energy.


I am a devoted servant of God and celebrate with all in this Beloved Community our committment to practicing inclusivity -- All are welcome here

– Loretta R.

Thanks to NTCSL I have access to all of the spiritual tools I need to live my very best life!

– Marcia L.

My spiritual journey has been enhanced beyond measure by NTCSL. Every aspect of my life has expanded and been enhanced during these last few years. I welcome everyone to our community.

– Linda C.

I embody the principles of New Thought in my everyday life and it makes such a positive difference in all that I do and all that I touch -- in my counseling practice and in my spiritual practitioner practice.

– Dave K.
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