Chuck Willis, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Chuck Willis is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and has lead meditation, contemplation, Spiritual inquiry and consciousness expansion activities for over two decades. He has studied and practiced the nature of Spirituality in both Europe and India in addition to the US. As a teacher, guide and practitioner, he draws from his knowledge of both Eastern and Western philosophies. He leads with an open heart, honoring and embracing both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine natures that reside within us all, balancing the realization of formless, eternal core Essence with sacred, creative divine expression.

Melinda Sherman, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Melinda is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, LSP with New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Melinda has also worked with a very diverse population of clients as a certified Masters level chemical dependency counselor for over 23 years. She has had extensive training in individual sessions as well as group facilitation.

Melinda came through the doors of New Thought Center 4 years ago and began taking classes a few weeks later. When she first heard the statement, "All paths lead to God", she felt that she had come home. Melinda believes that by honoring others' spiritual journey and beliefs, we are free to honor our own path and spiritual practice. She feels honored to hold the space for others as they become able to see who they are capable of being when they let go of the old stories, beliefs, and thoughts that no longer serve them and allow them to be the Divine expression of God that they are. Melinda is available by appointment in person or by phone.

LaNae LaCourse, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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LaNae began her spiritual journey at a young age. Raised by a mother with a 12-step background and a heritage based in Native American Spirituality, both of these gave her the opportunity to know Spirit in its many forms. Knowing there are many paths to God and that Spirit resides right here and right now within each one of us has been a Spiritual Truth that has guided her through all her adventures.

LaNae experienced drugs and alcohol at a young age. By the age of 16, she was clean and sober and continued on her path of Spiritual Development. She experienced firsthand the courage it takes to ask for help when you feel hopeless and the vulnerability that is needed to receive love and support from those who could Know the Truth of her until she knew it for herself.

LaNae has been a licensed massage therapist since 1991 integrating Body, Mind and Spirit. Enjoying one-on-one work with her clients, she has supported many of them as they moved through healing and growth. Since becoming a licensed practitioner at NTCSL in 2016 she has continued to work one-on-one with individuals as well as groups to bring back ceremonies and ritual to her community. Her passion is to inspire and remind individuals of their True Divine Nature while honoring their own Humanity. Part of LaNae's calling is to provide Spiritual tools of Self-Empowerment to teens and young adults.

Krystal Ashling, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Compassionate Care Coordinator

Krystal Ashling, MSW, LSP, has been a member of NTCSL since April 2011. She and her partner Marlene were encouraged to come to hear a friend sing and found it to be home immediately. Marlene transitioned in November of 2015 and Krystal finished her training in 2016 to become a Licensed Practitioner.
Krystal has extensive history in service as a hospice social worker for 20+ years. She has training in trauma work, grief work, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and EMDR. Krystal comes to NTCSL with a wide variety of spiritual interest and training. She is a Reiki Master, Buddhist, Feminist, and Vegetarian.
Krystal is a poet and songwriter and has incorporated this into her spirituality. She loves to walk and run in nature, using walking meditation as one of her spiritual practices.
Krystal would like to make your experience with her as a practitioner unique. She would love to come to your home, have a session in nature, write a poem or song to complement your session with her, whatever you desire. She sincerely believes that everyone has their own spiritual path and has the skills and compassion to help you find and follow yours.

Vanessa Tomie, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Vanessa Tomie began her studies in Science of Mind in 1988 in Honolulu, Hawaii and appreciated learning the SOM values of inclusivity and ‘ALL paths lead to God’ under Rev Helen Street’s Religious Science International Church which advanced Vanessa to become a RScP in 1993. She actively studied/lived these principles and eventually moved from Hawaii to California in 2002. In 2011, Vanessa experienced a near tragedy, which reminded her again of the importance these principles can play in her everyday life. She found a church of United Religious Science, and began again, studying for her Practitioner's license in San Francisco, as well as, being active with the Church/Center. Fast forward, Vanessa visited NTCSL on a Sunday in May 2015. On that day, she met several other Practitioners-in-training. Spirit had already been conspiring
her to move here to Lake Oswego, Oregon from California. Within only a few months, Vanessa passed her Practitioner Orals at NTCSL, became a Licensed Practitioner at CSL-AH (San Francisco), had moved to Oregon, transferred her CSL membership and Practitioner’s license to NTCSL and purchased a home in the Mountain Park area. Vanessa feels she has finally come home.

Vanessa is a recently retired RN who has traveled for the past 3 years. She is ready to settle down and serve God in a new way. Vanessa is called to help the Youth Ministry (having for many years volunteered and headed the children's ministry
back in Hawaii) to help develop young minds to think on their own and make intelligent choices that serve themselves and humanity. She also wants to incorporate what she has learned in Science of Mind and in dancing tango. She hopes to share dancing as a possible way for healing and expressing joy. Her other studies include Hula, Aikido (brown belt), Taoist Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chih, Feldenkrais, Sufism and Latin Dances (Salsa and Argentine Tango).

Vanessa’s daily practice is mediation, prayer for herself, family and friends, and the Center. She believes that by delving into our dark side we can come through to a lighter, more fulfilling place. In this work, we become more transparent to the Truth and the understanding that we all deserve to be happy. She strongly believes in Ernest Holmes’ famous quote, "Change your thinking, change your life."

Nancy Stephens, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Nancy is honored and very excited to serve as a Spiritual Practitioner with NTCSL, Lake Oswego! She transferred from the Celebration Center for Spiritual Living, Falls Church, Virginia, where she was an active leader and licensed Spiritual Practitioner (RScP) with Centers for Spiritual Living since 2011. Nancy relocated to the Portland area to be closer to her family in July 2015. Nancy has a professional background in Human Resources Management with skills and experience spanning a variety of disciplines, which includes many years of assisting, coaching and guiding people through both personal and professional challenges. Making a difference in the lives of others has been the greatest reward of her career, and serving in the professional field of spiritual guidance is both a natural progression and a gift. Nancy is committed to experiencing Divine unfoldment in her life and assisting others in revealing theirs. With great gratitude and love she looks forward to being in service to this community.

Georgena Eggleston, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Georgena Eggleston, M.A., is an author, speaker, Science of Mind Practitioner and Trauma Specialist. She facilitates Grief Relief Meetings and study groups on her book, "A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief." Georgena is a certified Clean Language Facilitator and Rubenfeld Synergist, Psych-K Practitioner, co-creator of Affirmative Innergetics and leads Body-Mind exercises so people may connect with their Sacred Center, God within.

Laura Schlafly, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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For most of her adult life Laura has been fascinated with uncovering one’s life purpose and then figuring out how to live it. Through Laura’s search of a new consciousness and way of being, she ultimately discovered her unique self, gifts and talents.

It has been said that “our wound is our gift”. This has been true for Laura and it may be for you as well. Laura’s childhood wound was not feeling supported or affirmed. So not surprisingly, her calling as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual living is to support others in healing and in being their purpose. It is Laura’s deepest desire to be a way-shower by bringing light to your life in a myriad of ways.

As a Practitioner, Laura listens deeply, guiding her clients to discover their inner power to heal themselves. They come to understand how healing is not a destination, but a process of self-discovery to find out who they really are and how to always be at choice in every aspect of life.

Laura’s guidance and support draws on a background in Asian studies, business development and career coaching. This varied knowledge allows her to be adept at helping her clients navigate changes and transitions in life, as well as uncovering each individual’s unique way of serving in the world. Laura is available for private practitioner sessions to assist you in recognizing your light and allowing it to shine brightly. You may find out more at:

Bonnie Duncan, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
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Following the passing of her beloved grandfather, six-year-old Bonnie had a humbling, yet profound spiritual experience. This mystical experience has influenced her entire life and continues to influence her while now stepping into service as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner.

Being a devotee of Truth, Bonnie's faith journey always amazed her as the many expressions of God, The Good, were revealed. She explored and honored many different faith traditions including: Methodist, Pentecostal, Bahai', Unity, and Science of Mind.

Bonnie married her high school sweetheart and is the proud mother of two beautiful sons. Along her spiritual journey Bonnie has been an elementary school and high school special education teacher, a fitness instructor with emphasis in the body, mind, soul connection, and a Special Olympic coach. As a promoter of the creative arts for all populations, with an inclusion emphasis honoring diversity, Bonnie became the proud creative director of "Have A Heart"....a sacred dance, clown, mime business. Her performances and workshops emphasized environmental, peace, and social justice issues, plus honored all orientations and paths to God.

Currently, Bonnie is a writer, an avid hiker, yoga student, Caring Closet and Dress For Success volunteer. She resides in Tigard, OR with her second husband, Michael, and their 15.5 year old 'forever' daughter Suzie, who is expressing on the amazing autistic-artistic spectrum. Bonnie is a testament to never giving up on one's childhood dreams by answering the sacred call to adopt, at age 54!

Bonnie truly feels blessed to be in service as a prayer practitioner, knowing that there is really nothing to heal, only the Truth to be revealed. She recognizes that all spiritual work is uplifting the Namaste' Oneness Consciousness on an individual, local, and global level, thereby, contributing to a world that truly 'honors' everyone. As Bonnie states, "The greatest Spiritual Truth I have ever found, is in honoring my Higher Knowing daily, by loving the I Am within me, forgiving myself, appreciating that everyone truly is a sacred teacher, plus knowing that divine choice and creative self expression are my birthright. Namaste'

Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioner; Director of Community Engagement; Wednesday Night Insight Facilitator
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Cassandra Rae, MA, LSP is the Director of Community Engagement at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living. She is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and a ministerial student at the School for Spiritual Leadership. In addition, she has degrees in Business Administration and Counseling Psychology. She believes that your humanity is the path of your Divinity. As a speaker, teacher, and writer she provides a unique blend of peaceful yet powerful guidance sharing spiritual principles and practices that enable you to live your most authentic, purposeful, and creative life. Sign up for NTCSL email updates (see left hand sidebar) to receive a personal weekly message from Cassandra.


I love this community because I am with people who know my inherent perfection and I know the same for them.

– Kevin K.

Thanks for creating my spiritual home.

– Molly K.

I am a devoted servant of God and celebrate with all in this Beloved Community our committment to practicing inclusivity -- All are welcome here

– Loretta R.

This community is where I come to celebrate Divine Source within me and looking back at me through everyone I meet.

– Pamela P.
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