Trustees are elected by the congregation. The Board is committed to comprehensive, timely and open communications with and among the congregation. All Board meeting minutes are posted on the website.

To contact any or all of the Board members, please visit our contact page and select Board of Trustees in the dropdown menu, or call us at (503) 296-9922. You can also direct mail to: ATTN: Board of Trustees, PO Box 1072, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Michael Murphy

Photo of Michael Murphy
President, Board of Trustees

Michael is a grateful member of NTCSL and previous Board member, having served as Vice-President. Currently, Michael is the Chair of the Marketing and Engagement Committee of Strategic Planning.

Other service experience ranges from being a member of The Northwest Academy Development Committee & serving as Board Chair of the school's art gallery, The Angry Pigeon.

Additional service commitments include personal, local and world service for 12 Step Fellowships, including his service as the
conference chair to a 2015 World Service Conference. Michael is currently enrolled in the NTCSL Foundations class and learning that there is ever-more learning!

Michael attended Muskingum College and the University of Cincinnati majoring in Philosophy. He has three grown children.  
Michael has been the owner of several small businesses and is now focused on international product development in performance apparel and textiles in Europe and Asia.

Sandy Leybold, LSP

Photo of Sandy Leybold, LSP
Vice-President, Board of Trustees
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Born in California, raised mostly in Asia, and a resident of Oregon since 1992, Sandy has been exposed to a variety of cultures and ways of being. She holds a degree in economics from Stanford and in public health/hospital administration from U.C. Berkeley. In 2015, Sandy retired from her 30+ year career in executive management, planning, policy and program development (mostly in non-profit healthcare). Sandy also has held volunteer leadership roles with the City of Lake Oswego (Budget Committee and other task forces), Lake Oswego School District, and local political and non-profit groups.
As a child, Sandy's theosophist grandfather taught her to honor all paths to God and the divinity within each person. Sandy joined a New Thought church in 1997, and has been active at NTCSL since its first day in Lake Oswego in 2010. Contributing her time, talent and treasure to NTCSL, Sandy currently leads the HUG (Holy Usher Greeter) team, serves on the Finance Committee and Board of Trustees, and supports NTCSL's ministry and community as a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner.

Mike Unger

Photo of Mike Unger
Secretary, Board of Trustees; Co-Chair Peace & Environmental Team
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I have lived in the greater Portland area all of my life except for the time that I was in California getting my Masters in Engineering from Stanford. I come from a large family of eight children. My parents owned and operated farm located south of Hillsboro. It was a family operation and I enjoyed working with my parents and brothers and sisters.

Soon after graduating with my engineering degree, I met and fell in love with Cheri, now Rev. Cheri. We have three children—Joe, Rachel and Karen. Joe lives in Seattle, has his doctorate and works in cancer research for the Fred Hudson Cancer Research Association. Rachel works at the Multnomah County Court House in Portland as a lawyer. Karen works for the US State Department and is currently stationed in Kenya. We have three grandchildren– James, Alex and Kelly whom we see often.

I have spent my career as an electrical engineer working for consulting engineering firms. Cheri and I owned Power System Engineers, Inc. an engineering firm for 10 years and worked together providing services to utilities in the NW. We sold our firm to Elcon Associates nine years ago where I continue to work. I plan to work as a part time employee at the end of 2014.

I am very concerned about climate change and the effect that this could have on our children and grandchildren. For this reason, I chair the Environmental Team at NTCSL and have been instrumental in forming and managing Engineers for a Sustainable Future.

My religions background is Catholic. It was difficult for me as I take my spiritual life seriously but the Catholic Church was just not doing it for me so I left the church. Cheri and I eventually found our way to New Thought joining Unity of Portland and Unity of Beaverton, the Living Enrichment Center and then NTCSL.

I studied the CSL Practitioner courses through LEC and have taken several courses through NTCSL. I am a founding member of the choir and thoroughly enjoy singing and fellowship that the choir offers. I was on the NTCSL Board in 2005 and 2006 and was treasurer for one year. I am interested in doing all that I can to insure the financial health of our church.

Deana Doney

Photo of Deana Doney
Treasurer, Board of Trustees
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I have been a member of NTCSL since October 2004. During this time, I have volunteered for set-up at Kingstad on Sundays, been a greeter for a number of years, as well as volunteering for various church events, taken classes, always tithed, and am a Capital Campaign supporter.

Currently, I am a realtor with RE/MAX Equity Group in Lake Oswego and live in Beaverton. Prior to my change of career in 1994, I was a legal assistant in California & Oregon working in the medical malpractice defense field.

Throughout my career, I have also served as a board member for various organizations, both in Oregon and California. I consider it an honor and priviledge to now be in service to my NTCSL Spiritual Community as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Eva Gage

Photo of Eva Gage
Board Member

Eva began attending Wednesday night services at NTCSL in October 2012. Since then, she has participated in classes and workshops, served in the Children’s Ministry and a HUG team member. Currently, she is a HUG Sunday Facilitator and a member of the Finance Committee.
When her girls were young, she operated a family childcare business for 13 years, enabling her to be an at-home parent. For the last 15 years, Eva’s employment has been with an engineering firm, providing a wide range of administrative support to both internal and external clients. Most recently, she experienced the growth opportunity of providing full-time construction support on a program which involved many diverse stakeholders. It has been challenging, enriching, and fascinating to be a part of this endeavor from start to almost finish.
Eva is the mother of two adult daughters and “Nana” to three spunky grandchildren, who frequently share their unique views of this world we inhabit. It is a joy to see the world anew, when they experience something first time! She loves the outdoors and has had adventures ranging from trekking in Nepal in her late teens to skydiving for the first (and not the last) time in 2015.

Patty Hunter

Photo of Patty Hunter
Board Member

On Christmas Eve 2007, I was outwardly whole, but felt despairingly empty. My lifelong search to find spiritual sustenance was again at the forefront of my mind and heart. I scanned the Christmas Eve service newspaper ads, and lo and behold, I saw an ad for New Thought Ministries of Oregon (now NTCSL). I attended the service and listened to Rev. David’s words. My heart lifted, and I knew that I’d finally found home. I’ve been coming to NTCSL ever since.

The growth process has been steady, albeit a little slow at times when ego takes the reins. But always, there is the voice that there is more to life than ego, and I’m drawn to It, to know the peace and love that I find within, and doing my best to live in Wholeness in the world.

Being in service is important to me, both in and outside of NTCSL. In the giving, I receive so much more. At NTCSL, from singing in the choir, serving in the Finance Committee, washing tablecloths, bringing food for potlucks, participating in the auction and bazaar.. yes I serve, but the return in love and connection is incredible. In my professional life, I am a “registered nurse turned geek”. I collaborate with the clinical staff and IT staff on the electronic medical record system, fostering team work and cooperative decision making every day.

I have two grown sons, and I live with my two mini-dachshunds, Peanut and Nina. I enjoy kayaking on flat water in warm weather. I can fly a mean kite at the beach (dive bomb, watch out!), and enjoy walking and generally getting out in nature. I like to knit. My sewing machine is currently collecting dust but has produced several quilts in the past.

Life is Good.

Elaine Jacobson, LSP

Photo of Elaine Jacobson, LSP
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Board Member
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Like so many others, Elaine has been a life long seeker on a spiritual path, searching for the meaning of her life and her purpose in it all.

This led her to answering the call to become a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner (RScP), because of a deep desire to be a witness to the Truth of the Spiritual Being that is each of us. She has witnessed demonstration of the healing work that happens through prayer and treatment.

Her search also led her to train in the energy healing practices of Healing Touch, Energetic Healing and Therapeutic Touch. She trained with teachers and Shamans in the energy healing traditions of Peru. She is also a Reiki Master and is currently working as a licensed massage therapist (LMT).

She is a founding member of NTCSL and has volunteered in many areas, including being a choir member for 18 years, being on the Count Team, assisting in the More Than Words Bookstore, and active in the Coffee Creek prison ministry. She is currently pursuing additional studies in CSL ministry.

Elaine feels blessed to be in service to our Beloved Community. She is available for private spiritual guidance sessions and, of course, is always available for prayer.

Laura Schlafly, LSP

Photo of Laura Schlafly, LSP
Board Member

There are three key areas in Laura’s background which illustrate her journey to who she is today as an NTCSL Board Member.

Exploring New Fields, Skills, and Cultures - Laura grew up in a Ohio and developed a deep interest in Asian cultures and languages. She graduated with a BA in Japanese studies from Ohio State and later obtained an MBA in Marketing from the University of Michigan. Her career track was in product marketing and field sales in several high tech companies. In mid-career she took time out to execute the turnaround and sale of her family’s business.

Risk-Taking and Entrepreneurship – Laura moved to Lake Oswego in 2002 and became a business owner of a consultancy that brokered Asian language advertising to U.S. companies targeting Asian consumers. She also developed a career coaching business to support the many people over 50 who needed new jobs after the 2007 recession.

In 2010 Laura was delighted to find a New Thought center in Lake Oswego and she jumped at the chance to be involved in supporting NTCSL in its new home. Laura also made it her personal mission to take every class offered because she hungered to know how to apply the spiritual principles in her life.

Adhering to a Life with Purpose – Laura is now Licensed Spiritual Practitioner who supports others in healing and in being their true purpose. She also supports NTCSL as a member of the Marketing Committee, a facilitator of a Sunday greeter team, and a member of NTCSL’s fund raising committees. It is Laura’s deepest desire to be a way-shower by bringing light to the lives of others in a myriad of ways.

Mark Wyner

Photo of Mark Wyner
Board Member
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Mark Wyner is a daily meditator, good friend to many, and family man to six. He has been a father and husband for almost half of his life, raising five children (Dahlia, Milo, Otis, Cassius, and Suki) with his wife, Nicole.

Mark works as an independent consultant, building digital experiences in the spaces of web, mobile, wearables, IoT, and connected cars. In addition to crafting experiences and products he is an internationally-known author and speaker. He is extremely grateful to have built a career that he is so passionate about, and affords him a nice work/life balance.

When he is not working or being a family man Mark can be found playing soccer, or watching soccer, or temporarily ignoring soccer so he can be responsible performing some of life’s common tasks. He has also spent many years coaching soccer for the three of his children.

Mark grew up attending Christian churches with his parents and brother, but eventually discovered that his spiritual perspectives did not align with Christianity. Consequently he spent most of his life misidentifying as an Atheist, even though he found great interest in many spiritual leaders.

When New Thought found him he was frightened and intimidated because of his aversion for organized religion and the idea of an external God. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that New Thought philosophies closely aligned with his own views, so he gradually loosened his grip on resistance in favor of spiritual growth…which was of course helped along by the New Thought CSL community, which Mark now considers his second family.

Rev. Dr. David Alexander

Photo of Rev. Dr. David Alexander
Community Spiritual Leader
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David Alexander is a life-long student of spiritual principles, having been born and raised in the New Thought tradition. Called to the ministry at age thirteen, Rev. David has made the study and application of universal spiritual principles his life devotion. Rev. David became a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 1999, received his ministerial license in 2004 and was ordained in 2006, and affiliated with United Centers for Spiritual Living in 2007. Rev. David serves on the Board of Directors for the Community of Welcoming Congregations. Rev. David writes the monthly column "Philosophy in Action" for Science of Mind magazine. Rev. David has a deep passion for New Thought history and manages the site In April of 2009 Rev. David was inducted into the Martin Luther King Jr. Board of Preachers of Morehouse College. As one of the youngest and most dynamic ministers in the New Thought movement, his messages are inspiring, humorous and relevant to today's world. Rev. David serves as the co-founding and Senior Minister of New Thought Center for Spiritual Living (2004-Present). In 2012 Rev. David was elected to the first Leadership Council of the newly formed Centers for Spiritual Living organization and is currently the Chairman of the Council. Rev. David also serves as director of Strategic Alliances for Centers for Spiritual Living and on the governing board of the Association for Global New Thought with Dr. Michael Beckwith. Rev. David received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Centers for Spiritual Living in October 2014.


My church is awesome!

– Louis D.

It is a joy to be within a community of passion and revelation.

– David W.

Thank you God for this community.

– John B.

Every event leaves me feeling joyful.

– Allison H.
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