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We’re going fully virtual until further notice. No in-person services.



View all Sunday Services (past and current) here, including LIVE version at 10am on Sundays.

Live!  Join Rev. Shannon immediately after the Sunday Virtual Service for a Zoom chat.

Are you in a hurry, and want just the talk? Without the meditation and no music, Just The Talk.

5-minute uplifting videos highlighting inspirational messages and spiritual practices.

Rev. Shannon will be connecting with congregants for 30 minute appointments this fall, via Zoom, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, September 8 through December 15. The Zoom link will be sent to you shortly before your appointment time.

Rev. Shannon O’Hurley will be teaching Beyond Limits, a dynamic 6-week class that produces transformational living. This curriculum was revised and updated by her and is the newer equivalent of the previously offered Foundations course.

In Beyond Limits, you will discover:

  • Powerful and practical tools including affirmations, meditation, empowered intentions and affirmative prayer.
  • Freedom from guilt, fear, & limited thinking.
  • Access to the infinite wisdom within you.


September 20, 2020


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Anything weighing on your heart?


At any time you can fill out a prayer request form. These requests are prayed over by the practitioners throughout the week, holding you and your concerns in the light of the highest possible good for all.


Rev. Shannon O’Hurley

Rev. Shannon O’Hurley

Senior Minister

Rev. Shannon O’Hurley serves as the Senior Minister of New Thought Center. She holds a masters degree in Consciousness Studies...


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