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NTCSL Practitioners

Listed in alphabetical order. 

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Debra Bongard, RScP

Bio will go here along with specialties and contact information. 


Barbara Buckingham-Hays, RScP

Barbara is inspired to support others in building their own such spiritual living foundation. As a life-long learner, she values growing in understanding in the areas of social justice, climate justice, creating inclusive family and community, and healing around grief and trauma. She is a student of Non-Violent or Compassionate Communication and knows that shared practice is a balm for any sense of separation we may feel.

Barbara is accepting clients either in-person or virtually.

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Dana Buttler, RScP

I became a practitioner to deepen my understanding of New Thought philosophy and it’s application and practice in daily life. I am currently teaching water fitness classes in Portland and Beaverton and am pursing additional study in the mind- body connection as it relates to both physical and emotional healing. 

I am actively involved in supporting our community and am available for after service prayer support.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dana is not currently seeing clients for session work. 


Tarri Christopher, RScP

Terri's spiritual life is deeply intertwined with and connected to the natural world. As a Practitioner she supports each person’s unique spiritual journey and life experiences, knowing Spirit is within each of us, guiding and supporting us, and that together we can tap into the wisdom and love always present, and my greatest joy is guiding a person to uncover and reveal their fullest expression of Life within.

Areas of Focus: Grief, Trauma, and Relationships

Terri is accepting clients either in-person or virtually.

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First Name Last Name, RScP

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Areas of Focus: Grief, Trauma, and Relationships

FirstName is accepting clients either in-person or virtually.

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John Duby, RScP

Bio will go here along with specialties and contact information. 


Bonnie Duncan, RScP

Bio will go here along with specialties and contact information. 


Sarah Forbes, RScP, Ministerial Student

Sarah is working towards her Master’s Degree is Consciousness Studies and also attends Ministerial School through the Holmes Institute and Centers for Spiritual Living, San Diego. Prior to her rich, academic background, she was also consumed in self-study of topics such as psychology, spirituality, philosophy and religion for over ten years.

One of her greatest passions in life, is helping others uncover their path to joy, abundance and love. 


Sarah is available for prayer by appointment, but is not currently seeing clients for session work. 


Bernalee Garland, RScP

Bernalee has developed a spiritual toolkit to empower self-love, self-worth, gratitude, and forgiveness in herself and for clients. The ongoing process of cultivating those ingredients serve as a foundation for experiencing a joyous life with ease and grace. Having witnessed and experienced its effectiveness, she knows that Spiritual Mind Treatment- Affirmative Prayer is the spiritual method of shifting any internal discord, “shifting consciousness” so that an individual more potently embraces their own God qualities.

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Roxanna Hall, RScP

Bio will go here along with specialties and contact information. 


Barbara Jennings-Garant, RScP

Barb has a love for helping people navigate their medical situations and has brought the same love to being a licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She has managed many transitions in her own life and now does it with greater spiritual wisdom, knowing that the spiritual truth that lies within me always shows the way forward. She enjoys helping people navigate life transitions and create opportunities in their lives by anchoring with spiritual principles.

Areas of Focus: Grief, Career and Success, Financial Freedom, and Life After Retirement


Barb is accepting clients either in-person or virtually.


Cheryl Long, RScP

Cheryl's gift and passion is working with those who are navigating life’s various losses. Through deep connection to, and the use of spiritual principle, she aspires to always demonstrate the ongoing and cyclic nature of life and the deep power of the resilience that lives inherently within us. Cheryl believes strongly in the importance of acknowledging our pain, creating ritual around it, and allowing the healing process some intentional space in our lives. In her professional life, she's worked with hundreds of families to plan meaningful ceremonies and celebrations of life and has facilitated and hosted workshops related to bereavement and loss.

Cheryl is accepting clients virtually.


Jeannine Massey, MA, RScP

Jeannine's spiritual journey began in her teens. Once she discovered New Thought Center for Spiritual Living she found what she was looking for and became a member. Always active in this community she became a Practitioner in 2003. She’s worked in private, public, and non-profit organizations with a focus on facilitation, training, project management, conflict resolution, and coaching.

Cheryl is accepting clients virtually.


Dana Montgomery, RScP

Bio will go here along with specialties and contact information. 

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Lori Nazareno, RScP


Annette Nelson, RScP


Helen Ohm, RScP


Laura Schlafly, RScP

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Sheila Vitale, RScP

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Shelly Walker, RScP

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George Weatherford, RScP


Bea Westcott-Curl, RScP

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