Harvest of Love Pledge Program

Welcome to Harvest of Love Pledge Program!

More than 170 sustaining pledgers invite you to join New Thought Center’s sustaining pledge program, “Harvest of Love.”

We are grateful for this spiritual community, which grows us, sustains us, and helps us learn how to make our lives – and this world – better. We recognize that this energy of sustenance flows both ways.

It is easy to participate in our pledge program. You decide what amount to give and how often to give it.  You can set up automatic payments, which make your payments easy and dependable.  Sustaining pledges provide income New Thought Center can count on month after month and enable us to create and manage budgets that work for all.

You can set up your sustaining pledge and method of giving here on our website using a credit/debit card or ACH Bank Transfer through your checking account (bank transfers have the lowest processing fees!).  You make your first payment through Breeze, our secure online donor management program. Your first gift will be processed today. All subsequent payments will then automatically be made by Breeze based on the frequency schedule you establish. You will receive an email notifying you each time a transaction is made.

Pay your pledge using Auto-Pay

Once you click the button, at the top of the form, enter the amount you will be giving with each withdrawal.  Click on the second arrow to designate the frequency of your giving.  Click on the third arrow to choose your method of giving.

In the Comments box, please add your phone number for our records.

Set up an alternate payment plan?

If you would like to set up your Sustaining Pledge payments yourself through your own bank’s autopay program, or have an alternate payment plan in mind, click to fill out a pledge form.  You will then be contacted by New Thought Center to work out the details.


If you have any questions, or need to alter your pledge in any way, please contact accounting@newthoughtcsl.org and we will get back to you right away.