Laura Schlafly, RScP

For most of her adult life Laura has been fascinated with uncovering one’s life purpose and then figuring out how to live it. Through Laura’s search of a new consciousness and way of being, she ultimately discovered her unique self, gifts and talents.

It has been said that “our wound is our gift”. This has been true for Laura and it may be for you as well. Laura’s childhood wound was not feeling supported or affirmed. So not surprisingly, her calling as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual living is to support others in healing and in being their purpose. It is Laura’s deepest desire to be a way-shower by bringing light to your life in a myriad of ways.

As a Practitioner, Laura listens deeply, guiding her clients to discover their inner power to heal themselves. They come to understand how healing is not a destination, but a process of self-discovery to find out who they really are and how to always be at choice in every aspect of life.

Laura’s guidance and support draws on a background in Asian studies, business development and career coaching. This varied knowledge allows her to be adept at helping her clients navigate changes and transitions in life, as well as uncovering each individual’s unique way of serving in the world. Laura is available for private practitioner sessions.


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