Kevin Buckingham—Hayes

President Board of Trustees

I have been a member of the NTCSL (NTMO) community since it was created. My family and I started attending New Thought services at the Living Enrichment Center in the early 1990’s. I
was born in southern Oregon and raised there and have spent most of my life in the Portland metro area. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Community Service. I
just recently (2 years) retired from a career in facility maintenance; 16 years at a residential retirement center and 19 years at Jesuit High School.

I own a home in southeast Portland where my family has resided for 27 years. I enjoy camping, hiking and spending time in the outdoors. My parents live at Mary’s Woods Retirement Center
in Lake Oswego. I have two sisters, one in Eugene, OR, when not taking care of elder parents and one who lives in Bend, OR. My daughter lives in outer southeast Portland with her
husband who has three adult children. I enjoy daily walks and exercise and especially getting out and taking hikes and exploring Oregon. I keep myself busy in retirement by doing
maintenance projects around my home and yard; spending time volunteering on maintenance projects at church, and reading books at home. I value personaI growth work by attending
classes at NTCSL and the Men’s group. I have been an active member of another Men’s group that was established about 25 years ago. We meet every two weeks and go on annual retreats.

l have lived in West Africa during my volunteer experience in Peace Corps In the early 1970’s. I have traveled to India twice with Barbara where I have been able to expand my understanding of Vedic spiritual and cultural practices. I now incorporate some of this Iearning in my own daily spiritual practice.

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