Rev Dr. Sally Rutis

Vice-President Board of Trustees

I was a Pediatric Intensive Care nurse for 14 of the 16 years that I was in nursing. I then changed careers and was licensed and ordained as a minister by Living Enrichment Center in 1987. I was the Senior Associate Minister at Living Enrichment Center for 17 years, where I led the Teen Program for 11 years and was in charge of several parts of the ministry, including Pastoral Care, Practitioners, and the Education program . I was also in charge of the Ministerial Program, where we licensed and ordained over 20 ministers. In 2000, I received my Doctorate of Religious Studies from Emerson Institute.

In 2004, I became part of the team that launched New Thought Ministries of Oregon and served as the Pastoral Care Minister. In that capacity, I taught classes, led the Practitioners and Prayer Ministry and also was on the team that created and facilitated the Wednesday Night Services. In 2009, I affiliated my Ministerial License with Centers for Spiritual living as one of their ordained ministers.  I retired in 2011 and have continued to volunteer as a dedicated member of NTCSL. I serve as the Team Lead for the Tithing Team (a position that I have held since 2004) and have been an office volunteer and I sing In the choir.

I am happily married to my husband of 45 years, Terry, and we have 3 grown daughters and 8 grandchildren.

I am deeply dedicated to NTCSL and see this community flourishing as we move forward together.

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