Georgena Eggleston, RScP

Where two or more are gathered the Powerful Presence becomes more palpable.

Have affirmations felt flat because your life circumstance remains the same?
Do you wonder what you are doing wrong because your life is not changing?

I have felt the frustration of “seeking” right here to “get” there and feeling like I was going nowhere. Then I began working with a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner. Her consciousness held me as we cleaned the cobwebs of mistaken beliefs. Her spoken words resonated in the cells of my body vibrating the truth of my being. My mind calmed, my heart opened and I felt the stillness of Spirit within me, through me, as me. I remembered who’s I AM.

Now my life as a Practitioner with all its peaks and valleys is rich with possibility.

I still see my Practitioner, now a minister, regularly for when we two meet God is.

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