Rev. Barbara Wuest

Assistant Minister, Pastorale Care

Rev. Barbara Wuest graduated from Western Oregon University in 1982 with a teaching degree in Mathematics & Physical Education, along with a minor in Psychology.  After working as a teacher for 3 years, she changed focus to work in a computer company in Beaverton.

1989 was a transformative year (her father died, and she went through a divorce), gently pushing Barbara towards spiritual studies. This moved her into completing a ministry program where she was licensed and then ordained in 2000.

Barbara spent time as a board member, speaker, then Assistant Minister at the God Connection, then Celebration Church, before coming to New Thought Center for Spiritual Living. In addition to her work at NTCSL, Rev. Barb is fortunate to have the opportunity to speak in a variety of churches in Oregon and Washington.

Travel is a must for Rev. Barb.  Having been to 26 countries already, she finds such great joy in getting to meet people from all around the world, and having a face-to-face connection with them.  This adds to her understanding of how we are all truly ONE.

2019 brought about a wonderful new blessing to the family – a beautiful, redheaded granddaughter.  So Nana duties are a welcome addition to Rev. Barb’s fulfilling life.

“Come into my life and live JOY!  Let’s laugh, cry and BE together.  That’s what I truly want!”

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