Sarah Forbes RScP, CPC, RYT

Youth & Family Director

Sarah Forbes is a licensed Spiritual Guidance and Support Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living and a certified Life Coach with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County.  She has been teaching classes and helping clients thrive since 2014.  She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, San Diego in Religious Studies and formed her own emphasis in Mystic Traditions.

While at U.C.S.D., she studied abroad in India, Turkey and London, deepening in her knowledge of religious and philosophical traditions in each country.

Today, she is working towards her Master’s Degree is Consciousness Studies and also attends Ministerial School through the Holmes Institute and Centers for Spiritual Living, San Diego. Prior to her rich, academic background, she was also consumed in self-study of topics such as psychology, spirituality, philosophy and religion for over ten years.

In addition, she has visited Vipassana and Sri Aurobindo centers in the United Stated and India on several occasions, taking vows of silence and expanding her awareness of our connection to that which is known by many names, but in essence Universal Consciousness. One of her greatest passions in life, is helping others uncover their path to joy, abundance and love.  Sarah is available for prayer by appointment only.

Sarah Forbes RScP, CPC, RYT
Phone: (408) 209-9918



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