Sarah Forbes RScP, CPC, RYT

Youth & Family Director

Sarah started out working with special needs kids in her early twenties.  She was trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis then and focused on play-based learning.  After a year, she started working privately with a few families and developed her own curriculum and target goals.  In 2006, she was hired to manage a team of over 200 employees with Whole Foods Market and continued to work with some families using her own curriculum on the side until she moved to San Diego, CA in 2012.

While in San Diego, she attended the University of California, San Diego and obtained her Bachelor’s while studying abroad four times in two years.  While attending UCSD, she did two service learning trips abroad which involved planning and executing curriculum for special needs children and typical-functioning children.  She also began working in Youth and Family Ministry at Universal Spirit Center-CSL, San Diego and continued to teach, co-write and develop curriculum there until she moved to Oregon in 2018.

Today, she is also a licensed Practitioner who is attending Ministerial School through Centers for Spiritual Living and working on completing the Master’s in Consciousness Studies through Holmes Institute, in addition to being a mother of two.  She strives to integrate all that she’s learned over the years into a well-rounded and inclusive program for Youth and Family Ministry.  She holds a space of love, compassion and joy in which the youth and families of NTCSL can shine, thrive and connect!


Sarah Forbes RScP, CPC, RYT
Phone: (408) 209-9918




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