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New Thought Center for Spiritual Living is a spiritual community and way of life that honors all paths to God. We provide spiritual tools for personal transformation and help make the world a better place.

As an Open and Affirming Community and member of the Community of Welcoming Congregations, we extend a warm welcome to all people in search of a spiritual community where they are embraced, affirmed and accepted for who they are and inspired and supported in growing into their highest potential.

Our service on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Services: 9:00 and 11:00 am
"The Gift of Listening"


Cinda Stevens Lonsway

Photo of Cinda Stevens Lonsway
Guest Speaker
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Cinda Stevens Lonsway is an inspirational author, writer and speaker. As a young girl, she would write long uplifting messages of gratitude and support for her family – her father labeled them the Cinda Card. This kind of support spurred her love for writing and a deep desire to reach out and make a difference in people’s lives….. an inspirational writer was born.
Cinda writes for her blog, Cinda’s ROAR!, Wild Sister Magazine, and the global online community of BraveHeart Women. She has a published children’s book, Tommy T and continues to work on multiple novels and a memoir. Cinda is a ROAR! workshop facilitator, based on her highly publicized article ROAR! which went viral in 2010.
In May of 2010, Cinda woke up to the rhythm of a story being born. She raced to her notebook and tried to keep up as the message of ROAR! raced through her. This powerful piece of poetry, prose, and parable, represents her personal awakening to the calling of Mother Nature and women’s spiritual needs from around the globe. ROAR! is a true call to action for women to Stand Up and Give Voice to Their Truth. Since, hundreds of women (and men) have ROAR!ed with Cinda.
In January of 2008, Cinda participated with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle in their global online classroom for the highly inspirational book A New Earth. Her life changing moment came, when she asked Eckhart, “When you say, Evolve or Die, do you mean it literally?” Eckhart’s answer, “Yes.” In that moment, Cinda decided to evolve and help others to do the same.
Cinda’s biggest JOY comes from sitting with women who have recently woken up to their spiritual calling and are seeking spiritual guidance, counseling, and validation that they are not alone in their journey and experience. Her deepest desire is to use her words to make a difference in peoples’ lives, be it through her writing or speaking. She is available for one on one sessions, groups, workshops, and public speaking events.
Her next ambitious project is in partnership with artist Manon Doyle from Scottsdale, Arizona. With Manon’s illustrations of ROAR!ing women and Cinda’s words, they visualize a traveling art exhibit, visually immersing women from around the globe into ROAR!ing their truth.
Cinda lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, two sons, a faithful golden retriever, and two very high-maintenance cats.


New Thought CSL Choir

Photo of New Thought CSL Choir
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Choir was a catalytic force in the forming of our spiritual community and continues to inspire its community through dynamic performances, effervescent leadership, and stalwart presence. Singing music in a variety of styles including gospel, pop, and classical, the Choir is featured approximately once a month at regular Sunday morning services. The Choir rehearses weekly on Thursday nights, September through May. To join the choir, prospective members must demonstrate the ability to match pitches in a friendly, group audition and should complete ‘Foundations’ - the first of four core classes taught at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living – within a year of joining the choir.

Matthew Snyder

Photo of Matthew Snyder

Matthew Snyder is a singer/actor who’s passionate about performing. With dreams to star on Broadway in New York City, Matthew enjoys soaking up as much local instruction and opportunity. In his sixth year with Portland Boychoir, singing this season with the Ovation ensemble, Matthew treasures the vocal training taught by Artistic Director, Dr. David York, who also serves as Music Director for NTCSL where Matthew and his family are members and Matthew is frequently invited to sing during Sunday morning services. Favorite professional theatre credits include Ensemble in A Christmas Story, Seriozha in Anna Karenina, Young Jewish Boy in Fiddler on the Roof, all at Portland Center Stage, and Children’s Chorus in Portland Opera’s Tosca. Matthew has appeared as a Target model, in an AT&T commercial, and in locally-filmed, web series Finding Oblivion. He has received numerous talent-recognition awards, most recently as a Top 10 Kidz Bop International Finalist. He pursues occasional MeOW workshops through Staged! and currently attends Spotlight Musical Theatre Academy’s Conservatory program to further develop his “triple threat” skills. Matthew has a natural zest for life and people and views himself as a conduit of Spirit’s joy. When not on stage, he studies Broadway shows and musical artist styles, such as his favorite Michael Jackson who inspires Matthew, through the Man in the Mirror song lyrics, "if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change." Coming up, Matthew will be soloing in Athey Creek Middle School's Athey Idol talent competition (Friday, 10/24/14), singing/soloing in Ovation’s (www.ovationshowchoir.org) Beauty in the World concert (Saturday, 11/8/14, at NTCSL) and appearing at the Brunish Theatre in Stumptown Stages’ (www.stumptownstages.org) It’s a Wonderful Life as Young George/Peter Bailey (Dec 11-28). He would love to see you in the audience!


Thanks for creating my spiritual home.

– Molly K.

I am so grateful for this beloved community. We are so blessed!

– Phil M.

It's important to me that our community both "reaches in" and "reaches out"--deepening our direct spiritual experience of Oneness so that connection with and service to the wider world come easily

– Holly W.

Since joining this spiritual community four years ago, I no longer think of myself as a chronically ill person. I am well in mind, body, and spirit.

– Wendy T.
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