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NTCSL Practitioners

Listed in alphabetical order. 


Doug Allen, RScP


Melissa Allen RScP (she/her)

Melissa’s transformative journey began over ten years ago, spurred by the realization that a deep-seated fear was preventing her from fully embracing all that Life is. This seeking eventually led to licensure as a spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living in 2023 and certification as a What If Up Coach and Facilitator. As a spiritual companion, Melissa illuminates possibilities to navigate the intricate paths of grief and food addiction, turning personal healing into a guiding light for others. 


Areas of focus include self-love, grief, and fear transformation. Melissa is accepting clients either in-person or virtually. 


Kelly Bastian, RScP (she/her)

I have been steeped in Science of Mind for over a decade. Recently completing my practitioner studies I see such amazing power in prayer and practitioner work.  I find this type of work so rewarding for both parties.  I live in Colorado and am happy to do session work in person (in Colorado), via Zoom and by phone.  I am happy to engage in general needs and soul exploration and  I am an RN and Nurse Practitioner who has worked for 25 years in end of life care and palliative care. Areas of specialties are grief, coping, navigating the death or journey towards death of a loved one or self. Also, LGBTQ+. 

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Debra Bongard, RScP

barbara buckingham.jpg

Barbara Buckingham-Hays, RScP (she/her)

Barbara is inspired to support others in building their own such spiritual living foundation. As a life-long learner, she values growing in understanding in the areas of social justice, climate justice, creating inclusive family and community, and healing around grief and trauma. She is a student of Non-Violent or Compassionate Communication and knows that shared practice is a balm for any sense of separation we may feel. 

Barbara is accepting clients either in-person or virtually.

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Dana Buttler, RScP (she/her)

Becoming a member of NTCSL in 2011 was pivotal to the development of my spiritual life. The guidance, insights, and support provided in our center’s workshops, classes, and retreats guided me to become a Practitioner in 2021. Along with my committee work and participation in our weekly services, I am here to support my fellow travelers learn, apply, and practice spiritual tools to navigate this precious and profound journey called Life. Though I am not currently seeing clients, I am available after our Sunday services for prayer.

Dana is not currently seeing clients for session work. 


Tarri Christopher, RScP (she/her)

My spiritual life is deeply intertwined with and connected to the natural world. I live, love, learn, worship and grow amidst all the wonders of Divine creation, recognizing the patterns and connections to our human experience. I support each person’s unique spiritual journey, knowing Spirit is within each of us, guiding and supporting us, and that together we can tap into the Wisdom and Love always present. I have experience in grief, trauma, relationships and health. I am accepting clients, meeting in person or virtually.

Terri is accepting clients either in-person or virtually.

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Beth Doyle, RScP (she/her)

Beth Doyle has been a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner for 11 years.
She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been in Private Practice in Denver CO for 35 years, specializing in marital, sex and individual therapy.
Specialties: Relationships, Loss and Grief, Health, Sex Health and Identity Issues
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John Duby, RScP


Bonnie Duncan, RScP (she/her)

Bonnie has been a licensed practitioner at NTCSL for 8 years. Her spiritual journey began at a very young age, after the transition of her beloved grandfather. Although his death resulted in PTSD, the experience was a confirmation that there is only One Universal Unconditional Loving Energy and that she was one with IT. Bonnie, has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, two grown sons, and an adopted daughter on the autism spectrum. She has a passion for inclusive neurodiversity. In 1995 she was the recepient of Oregon's Special Education Teacher of the year. Bonnie is accepting clients in person. Her Focus is honoring, accepting, and respecting the "Other Abled" and knowing ones own Worthiness.


Bernalee Garland, RScP (she/her)

Bernalee has developed a spiritual tool kit to empower self-love, self-worth, gratitude and forgiveness for herself and her clients. She passionately guides Affirmative Prayer with clients to help them realize their own unique perfection. As a 20-year CSL Member and a 7-year licensed Practitioner, she facilitates Spiritual Growth Circles, Affirmative Prayer Groups and prayer after service. She has been married 40 years with a married son and two granddaughters. Bernalee received a BA in Psychology and Marketing at Simmons College in Boston. Her areas of focus: Forgiveness, Self-Empowerment and Relationship Harmony. She welcomes new clients.


Cindy Gomez, RScP (she/her)

Cindy lives in Colorado and loves traveling to Oregon as much as possible to be with the community during retreats, events, and services. Cindy serves the online community on Sundays as moderator and prayer support. Cindy enjoys participating in the monthly Spirit Led Activism – Our Global Collective meeting and looks forward to supporting as TA for virtual classes and any other community needs virtually. Cindy’s spiritual journey included looking for a place to make a difference and be actively involved on a regular basis which brought her to NTCSL to serve and support virtually and in-person when possible. Areas of Focus: Caregiving/Grief, Relationships, and Spiritual Growth Cindy is accepting clients virtually or in Colorado.

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Sheila Gonzalez-Vitale, RScP

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Roxana Hall, RScP


Barbara Jennings-Garant, RScP

I’m Barb Jennings-Garant. Nothing has given me greater joy then being a nurse, raising my daughter, my own spiritual journey, and being in relationship with others. I had a love for helping people navigate their medical situations. Now, I bring that same love to being a spiritual practitioner. I have managed many transitions in my own life and now do it with greater spiritual wisdom knowing that the spiritual truth that l lies within me always shows me the way forward. I want to share that knowledge with others.

My passion for the human body and physiology led me to mind-body-spirit wellbeing. In general, I love helping people manage the transitions and creating opportunities in their lives by anchoring with spiritual principles. Some of the experiences I have navigated included grief after loss, career and success, money and financial freedom, and life after retirement. I am not seeing clients at this time.


Jeannine Massey, MA, RScP (she/her)

Jeannine Massey has been on her spiritual journey since she was in her teen.

In 1987 she discovered a New Thought Center, became an active member and subsequently a Practitioner in 2003.

She’s been active at NTCSL – always learning, growing, and encouraging others to do the same.

Jeannine demonstrates spiritual practice in her every day life. She is available to see clients, in person or virtual, who are eager to apply Spiritual Principle in their life.


Dana Montgomery, RScP (she/her)

Having experienced trauma and abuse in my early personal life propelled me on a journey of self-discovery, healing and awakening to Truth. I came across SOM teachings as a young woman and found deep healing and empowerment through applying the SOM Principles and through practicing Affirmative Prayer. In 2014 I became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner. My life’s purpose and deepest passion is first to offer a safe listening ear, Love and Grace, and to share Spiritual Tools to assist and support others on their path towards healing & Truth.

Areas of Focus: Self-Empowerment, Relationships, Depression

I am available in person or on Zoom for Practitioner Sessions


Lori Nazareno, RScP (she/her)

Lori Nazareno is committed to creating a world that supports the miraculous unfolding of each individual just as they are. She lives in Colorado and considers it an honor to support the online and education ministries. She has been a practitioner since 2012 and is grateful to have found a spiritual home at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living. Lori is not currently seeing clients.

Nelson headshot.png

Annette Nelson, RScP (she/her)

Annette lives in Colorado and travels to Oregon, as often as possible, to be with the community for retreats, services, and events. Annette serves as the coordinator for the on-line Sunday services, is a TA for virtual classes and facilitates the Reproductive Dignity\Global Collective conversation each month. She has a passion for social justice work and spiritual education. Her personal spiritual journey has taken many sacred paths and she is grateful to have landed here, with you, to serve and support!


Annette is accepting virtual clients in all areas of spiritual support.

helen ohm.jpg

Helen Ohm, RScP (she/her)

I’ve been serving as a Practitioner at NTCSL for a decade now. Some 25 years ago, after a dark night of the soul, I had a spiritual awaking which was the beginning of my conversations with Source. And through the years I’ve allowed myself to be transmuted though receptivity to my intuition, classes, books on healing and a continual opening to Who and What I Am … therefore, I am open and receptive to serving you as your Practitioner on your soul journey.

Areas of Focus: General, Health and Self-Love

Helen is accepting clients either in person or virtually.

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Laurie Runyan, RScP


Laura Schlafly, RScP (she/her)

For most of my adult life I have been fascinated with uncovering one’s life purpose and then figuring out how to live it. Through my search of a new consciousness and way of being, I ultimately discovered my unique self, gifts and talents. It has been said that “our wound is our gift”. This has been true for me and it may be for you as well. My childhood wound was not feeling supported or affirmed. So not surprisingly, my calling as a Religious Science Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living is to support others in healing and in being their life purpose. It is my deepest desire to be a way-shower by bringing light to your life in a myriad of ways. As a Practitioner, I listen deeply, guiding my clients to discover their inner power to heal themselves.

I am available for private practitioner sessions.

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Karen Schlientz, RScP


Kelley Settimo, RScP

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Shelly Walker, RScP, Minsterial Student (she/her)

Shelly Walker has been a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner since 2009 and is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies at the Holmes Institute.  Shelly is part of the Education Ministry faculty at New Thought Center, as well as part of the Sunday morning platform team.  Her passion is helping people apply these powerful spiritual principles in their lives, bringing the transforming power of Love to the world.  She lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with her husband, children, and furry friends. Shelly is not currently accepting clients.

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George Weatherford, RScP


Bea Westcott-Curl, RScP (she/her)

I have been a student of New Thought since 1997 and a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner since 2005. What I know is I am here as an expression of the Divine in action, and I play full out as IT! As a Practitioner, I believe we are all here to experience a fun, loving, joyous and prosperous life. My Ministry as a practitioner is to know my client’s Truth and be a safe and loving place for them to Spiritually evolve and grow. I am blessed in my life and know that I am where I am because of a combination of consistent Spiritual Practice and seeing a Practitioner regularly. I am accepting new clients. I am available via zoom as well as can meet in person at NTCSL by appointment.

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