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Music & Choir

If you are a fan of beautiful, uplifting contemporary music with a spiritual message, then New Thought Center for Spiritual Living is the place for you!  Music is a major part of our Sunday morning services.  Every service features different singers backed up by our excellent band, The New Thought Messengers.

Our Sunday music ministry is led by Brian Harris. Brian has been playing keyboards at New Thought CSL since its inception in 2004. His extensive study of Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston, over twenty-five years experience as a songwriter, composer, and performer, and a passion for spiritual truth, especially as expressed in the works of Ken Wilber and other Integral Thinkers, come together to form a musical style that is unique, fresh, and deeply engaging. He has performed and recorded with several well-known artists, including Julianne Johnson, Kenny Loggins, Patrick Lamb, and Norman Sylvester to name a few.  In addition to his work as a performing artist and pianist, Brian teaches private piano lessons and is a devoted family man.

New Thought Messengers

The New Thought Messengers, the NTCSL house band, is comprised of professional musicians who are dedicated to the mission of the church.  The band plays in a variety of musical styles including: rock, pop, jazz, swing, country, hip hop, and whatever else is required with very little advance preparation.  With rare exceptions, the band plays for all Sunday morning services.

Instrumentalists who have an interest in playing at NTCSL should contact the music director directly at:



The NTCSL choir is a catalytic presence in our spiritual community, inspiring through its dynamic performances.  Singing music in a variety of styles including: gospel, pop and classical, the Choir is featured about once a month at Sunday morning service, as well as for Christmas, Easter and other special events.

Would you like to join? New members are always welcome to audition for the choir.  

The audition is simple, easy and friendly.  No prior singing experience is required, nor is the ability to read music; however, singers must demonstrate the ability to sing in tune. Prospective members should come to a regular weekly choir rehearsal and participate fully.  During this time the choir director will listen for pitch accuracy.

The choir season is September through May with the summer months of June, July, and August off. Choir practice is Thursday nights at 7pm in the Learning Center. If you are interested, contact our office at

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