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Reproductive Dignity & Rights Ministry

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As spiritual people of faith, we understand that bodily autonomy is the most basic human right. At NTCSL we stand for liberty, equity, inclusion, human rights, compassion, safety, self-determination, and dignity for all people. Therefore, protecting Reproductive Freedom and caring for those who are in need of it, is essential.

Please join us as we learn and stand together in this important human rights work. Meetings are comprised of a brief Q & A, a check-in on the progress of the regional teams, and a strategy for the next action steps.

This powerful and caring group meets once a month. 

To join by Zoom, or for more information, please email

Coffee Creek Outreach

This outreach led by Brenda Pudwill, a NTCSL congregant, has been bringing hope and heart to these incarcerated women for years. During Covid, the prison closed to all outside persons for almost two years, so the volunteer program is in need of reviving. 


This volunteer commitment involves one or two evenings a week. Volunteers participate in reading the Science of Mind magazine, and other new thought articles, and offering gratitude exercises to the women.

Learn More About Coffee Creek

Want to Volunteer?

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Earth Action Team

Mission, Vision, Goals and Values


  • To raise awareness regarding environmental issues and the necessity of living the change we wish to see.

  • Lead, educate and inspire our fellow congregants, including our young people, to advocate for laws and regulations to protect all life on earth.

  • Inspire one another to work together, take action to address environmental challenges and create a world that works for all.


  • We see a world that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

  • We see a reversal of environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources and a nurturing of the earth’s ecological and cultural diversity


  • Work with other faith communities to address climate change. Offer and support local environmental programs for greater Lake Oswego community including the metro-wide earth-day program.

  • Develop and show slide presentations, displays and informational material regarding our environment to congregants and guests in the Fellowship Hall. Sponsor environmental related movies, presentations, and symposiums.

  • Develop and sponsor a green living initiative for home.


  • We believe in the oneness of all Life and creation.

  • We listen to the voices of our youth and their hope for the future.

  • We remember future generations.

Earth Action Team Newsletter

Contact Team Leader,

Mike Unger to get involved!

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How We've Helped in the Past

Refugee Care Collective


We are excited to begin our journey collaborating with the Refugee Care Collective, a local Portland organization that lovingly, effectively, and powerfully supports refugee families in rebuilding their lives. We are in a deep bow toward the courageous and beloved families that are beginning their new lives in Oregon. It is our joy to be part of making their homecoming be one of support and unconditional love.

We will be supporting our new neighbors in a myriad of ways over the coming year.

“Refugees arrive to Oregon with few possessions, and have to quickly build their lives again. Restart kits are plastic tubs filled with essential household items. A complete set is formed by eight unique restart kits, one for each area of the home. The kits are distributed to local resettlement agencies, service providers, and community members who give them directly to newly arrived families and those in need. With each restart kit that’s put together, we’re reminded that it’s small actions that change realities. While kits meet a practical need, they do much more. They symbolize hope and communicate the message of welcome better than anything else can. It’s a first step in saying, ‘You are not alone. We are for you. You are welcome here.’ ” -Refugee Care Collective


  • RESTART KITS: During the months of September, October, and November 2021, the NTCSL community and greater LO community donated 60 complete Restart Kits to the Refugee Care Collective warehouse in Tigard. Thank you all for your gracious donations!

  • GIFT CARDS: With your generous donations of gift cards, we collected over $1400 in gift cards from Fred Meyer, Target, IKEA, and Winco. Some of these gift cards were used to purchase additional items to complete the Restart Kits and gift cards remaining were donated to the Refugee Care Collective who will give to the families.

  • DONATE $$$:  In addition to all the donations above, our NTCSL greater community donated over $2400 in dollars, and a check for this amount was sent to the Refugee Care Collective.


We LOVE that we have NTCSL community members around the country and world! We have assembled below a list of trusted and loving organizations that are operating in the United States. If you would like to join us in this community wide heart work of serving refugee families in rebuilding their lives, please feel free to explore these organizations:

If you join us internationally (thank you, we love you) and we invite you to seek out organizations in your community that are doing this work. A good place to start is the International Rescue Committee in your country.

We love the heart of our New Thought Center Spiritual Living community. Each of you radiate love and goodness into the world. We are looking forward to pouring our love into our work with the Refugee Care Collective and many others that are walking their faith. We hope that you will join us in this sacred work!


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